Fear Versus Love

Fear Versus Love

Pondering Energy

I had something happen to me the other day; it was quite an interesting encounter. I was in San Diego with Joeaux and Karl and Greg, and our recording team out in the studio to give you a little backstory. They needed supplies from the grocery store. We’d been recording all day, and I was kind of tired, and I was going to welcome a few minutes by myself in the car. So, they were going to go in, and I stayed in the car around 10 PM.

Karl stopped, leaned back in the car, and said, “would you like me to lock the doors”? But, of course, that never dawned on me to have him lock the doors to keep me safe and all that because, you know, it was nighttime in a parking lot in a grocery store in the San Diego area.

I said, “oh no, no, no, no, no.” Then he leaned in and looked at me and said, “fear tells you it will keep you safe. Love tells you, you already are safe.” I thought what an interesting statement. So they went on to the grocery store, and I sat there in the car pondering that energy for a while.

So, fear is from your ego. Fear is like, oh, be careful there are bad heebie-jeebies out there. Everybody’s out to get you, blah, blah, blah. And you can either choose to buy into that or not. Love will always protect you; love will always keep you safe. There’s not even any reason to be kept secure when you’re loved because, as he said, “you already are.”

Love is the Source of All

And so, with that, love is the source of all that is. Fear is the source of your ego many times, and that is not where we used to be. So, during this week, I would like you to think about where you doubt your own internal and external safety, your energy of staying safe and being safe, and doubting the universe or source, which always has your back, always say yes to every thought.

So, understand that fear is a part of the ego, and there’s only love. I know it sounds like a song, doesn’t it? A song by Karen Drucker, which hopefully soon you will get to meet her virtually on the Double Digit. And so, with that, keep in mind that with love, there is no need to fear anything. With love, you are here; with love you are, with love, you can be and are synonymous. Thought for the day. Namaste y’all. Namaste.

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