Feedback from The Universe

Feedback from The Universe

Play a Game with Us

Joeaux: Marilyn, do you want to play a game with me today?

Marilyn: I would love to play a game with you today.

Joeaux: Well, one of the things that I’ve really enjoyed about traveling now to the studio, because we haven’t traveled for so long, is the good morning goddess that we learned from Dr. Amber Wolf. What, several years ago, right?

Dr. Amber Wolf is a good friend of ours and apart of the Kryon family. During one of her lectures, she had said, “you should get up every morning and look in the mirror and say, good morning, goddess.”

So Marilyn and I took that a little bit differently. We got up in the morning, and when we were getting out, getting our coffee, we’d look at each other and go, good morning, goddess.

And so we started doing that. So today, I came across another game, kind of similar energy. But it goes like this. No matter what happens today, you spill that bottle of blue water.

Marilyn: I would never spill the bottle.

Joeaux: You would never do that. Yeah.

Marilyn: Oh, but I might drink it all.

Joeaux: Or we run a red light in the car.

Marilyn: Or trip and stub our toe.


Joeaux: No matter what happened. Or if something actually wonderful happens too, there’s no judgment in it. Whatever happens, we’re going to say Alleluia.

Marilyn: Alleluia.

Joeaux: Will you play that game with me?

Marilyn: I will play that game with you.

Joeaux: And hopefully, our weekly message subscribers are willing to play it with us too. It’s easy for me to say.

Marilyn: So now, let me understand the rules of the game.

Joeaux: Okay.

Marilyn: Because you know me, I have to repeat something in a language that I can understand. So no matter what happens, it may be something that one might perceive as being not fun.

Or maybe they get hurt in some way, and someone cuts them off in traffic. Or they get a bonus in their job, or they get something good that happens. Everything is the same.

No Judgment

Joeaux: Right. No judgment.

Marilyn: No judgment. And whatever happens, you say,

Joeaux: Alleluia. Just like that. With that energy. Alleluia.

Marilyn: I like it.

Joeaux: You do?

Marilyn: I like it. Does Adironnda say that? Who knows? I remember hearing that sometimes lately. But with that Alleluia, what does it do?

Joeaux: It reminds you that everything that is happening in your world is feedback, and you’re judging it. So as things are happening, we believe that the Universe is actually on your side. That the Universe has your back and things are happening for you, not to you.

So this is a reminder that no matter what happens, it’s just feedback. And at that moment, you’re either making a judgment of it being good or bad. And if you just embrace that everything is feedback, you can actually shift the energy of any situation.

Marilyn: So instead of an F word, like feedback, it would be an A word. Right.

Joeaux: Right.

Marilyn: An A word, Alleluia.

Joeaux: Alleluia.

Marilyn: I like it. Let’s do it again. Alleluia.

Joeaux: Alleluia.

Marilyn: Namaste y’all.

Joeaux: Namaste.

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