Find Inner Peace No Matter What

In the last spiritual messages from Marilyn Harper, you might have wondered ‘How did she manage to stay at peace and able to create these inspiring videos, while in the midst of all the noise in an unsettling location?’

If that is considered a skill, all of us would want to learn that, right?

Imagine yourself in the middle of a busy day at the office, stuck in a traffic, standing in line at the bank, or whatever uncomfortable situation, yet you can still sustain a peaceful mind. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

In this week’s spiritual message, Marilyn teaches us a simple technique to find inner peace no matter what.

Learn it through Marilyn’s video below.

So, now you know that I actually do record several weekly messages in a similar setting.

Sometimes, I don’t always do them that way, but I’m still in the Denver Airport. Not two weeks in a row, but at the same time.

And I realized, life goes on whenever you are sitting somewhere and you can work, you can play, your time is your own.

I have a Bitmoji that has Saturn with a person, with me, meditating on top of it. And I think that’s the message for this week, that no matter what happens:

  • Find the peace in the midst of that chaos.
  • Find the peace in that, no matter where you are.

I mean, to look around here and see all of the hubbub, all the energy, all the people, and some people might be, “Oh my gosh, you’re stuck in the airport for seven hours?”

You know, it’s up to you as to whether you feel that way about something. I realized that after I looked at the last message, last week’s message, that I hardly have any makeup on, I didn’t have any lipstick on. I looked like I hadn’t slept.

But, you know, that’s a part of finding that peace in the chaos. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is you anchor in your center. And no matter what happens, you find that point of creative energy within you and breathe into that.

Let’s just take a moment and do that.

Find Inner Peace No Matter What

  1. Center your energy.
  2. Put your feet on the floor if they can reach, if not, get comfortable.
  3. Take a moment of stillness.
  4. Take a deep breath.
  5. Allow yourself to breathe easily and effortlessly. Connecting your in breath…with your out breath.

You feel that peace? In the middle of anywhere you are.

Ah, how was that? Nice.

You know, wherever you are, if you’re standing in line at the bank, if you’re in your car, if you’re stuck in traffic, no matter where you are, you can always breathe into your core, breathe into your center, and feel that peace return. Peace in the middle of chaos, in the middle of anything. That’s the key.

Namaste y’all,

What scenario in your life is preventing you from finding inner peace? Share with us in the comment below.


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One thought on “Find Inner Peace No Matter What

  1. Devere says:

    A and then there was light. What has helped me more then anything else is a stronger clearer understanding of what I am hear for. Listening to Hicks/Abraham and then Carrall/Kryon and a bit of Marilyn/Adironda has been VERY enlightening indeed. Just yesterday I realized I had a Walk In last year and I even know who it is thanks to KRYON in a recording I heard yesterday! I have lots of new questions about this Walk In thing, but many questions about what was happening to me last year are now answered. Thank you Marilyn for having the guts to share your story, that helped me understand some of mine. That was very difficult for me last year. Marilyn, we should talk some time, I think we could help each other. Thanks again, De Vere

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