4 Practical Tips on How to Find Inner Peace

Find Inner Peace

In this week’s spiritual message, Marilyn Harper shares four practical steps on how she attains inner peace. May it help you find your Zen place of peace.

Peace of mind is easier to achieve when all is well. Though, we all know there are times when finding inner peace is not so easy.

Fortunately, there are techniques you can add to your bag of “spiritual tools” that can assist in finding inner peace for yourself. Check out the video below.

During New Year’s day, every year, we have our big broadcast for the double digit. It’s a wonderful way to kick off the new year. It was a wonderful event; we had hundreds join us LIVE, and eventually possibly thousands will see it. During this event, Adironnda suggested 4 ways to help you achieve inner peace.

4 Items to Navigate the Insane Energies of 2017.

I’d just like to take a little time to explore some of them, at least one of them, and maybe one each week for the next few weeks.

The first one is peace.

It’s like, how in the state of all of the energies, can we stay in that Zen place of peace? A part of me wants to go, “Peace smeace, what are you talking about?” But I know that’s not correct.

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Four Actionable Tips on How to Find Inner Peace

1. Have a spiritual practice.
The way I stay in peace, I know to some of you that may surprise you, but the way I stay in more peace is to really have a spiritual practice. I am a better person each day when I get up.

2. Read spiritual books.
I read a spiritual book of some sort, I write in my journal, I read a piece from Michael Beckwith, a little “40 Days Mind Feast” or something.

3. Write five things that you’re grateful.
I write five things that I’m grateful for, and I meditate.

4. Meditate.
I was introduced to Insight Timer that is a meditation timer in 2012 after… when I went to a silent retreat with Kate Guendling. It shows you how many people are meditating at the same time in the world.

Today I meditated with 4,644 people, and I looked up their addresses and about ten of them are in Springfield, Missouri with me. Now that is cool. That’s one way to start your day in peace, with a spiritual practice. Then the rest of the day flows a lot more smoothly.

Namaste y’all,


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