Finding Your Creative Playfulness

Finding Your Creative Playfulness

Radiating Center of Joy

Hello! Happy day. A friend of mine left a quirky-looking lamp on my table, and I can either keep it, give it back or give it away. She also left the Daily Word booklet, which she and I talked about earlier. I used to subscribe to the Daily Word; I loved it, and I think I will subscribe again. I happened to pick up the book and open it to the section called today, which is, and it pertains to every day, but I just wanted to read this to you. And then I’ll talk a little bit about why it’s so important today or any day.

So here we go. Playful. I am a radiating center of joy and jubilation. I focus today on an energy of playfulness, choosing to discover joy on every journey. Looking on the lighter side allows me to complete tasks with ease sooner than expected, with free time available for relaxation. I take full advantage of this opportunity to do things I enjoy.

Concentrating my energy on finding fun sparks my creativity, and new ideas flow easily. My step is lighter, and each hour that passes seems more meaningful and precious. Everywhere I go, I share a smile or a joke with as many people as I can. Watching with delight, as those feelings of gladness create waves of cheer that have everyone feeling buoyed and joyful. Work becomes a playful endeavor. Smiles multiply. And with an attitude of appreciation, good humor grows.

That’s from the Daily Word; it’s a Unity publication. My grandfather subscribed to the Daily Word when it first came out, in the twenties. So we’ve had boxes of them that were tattered and worn as he taught classes and gave Sunday school talks and all kinds of things.

Take a Deep Breath

I wanted to talk with you about that playfulness, that radiant center of joy and jubilation. I’ve had several conversations lately with people that are near and dear to me that are saying, “Well, I just wanted to be this way. Or I’m frustrated because it’s not what I expect it to be. Or I’m frustrated because of this and that,” and take a deep breath, darlings because there was a lot more than one person. Frustration shuts off the energy. So as soon as you feel that frustration, stop, take a deep breath, step back and say, “What is the message here?”

Are you feeling frustrated because it triggers something in yourself that whatever the situation is, it is reflecting? Are you feeling frustrated because you have expectations of the way things “ought to be,” and they’re not that way? Well, ought to be doesn’t exist. Hello? Ought to be does not exist. So instead, ask yourself: what would love do? How would love respond? How can you be the love that you are, as Adironnda says? How can you experience that energy of creativity and that focus of understanding and compassion with yourself?

Trust, Trust, Trust

If things don’t seem to be flowing in quite the capacity that you think they were going to flow, that means that you have expectations and attachment to the outcome. Trust. And to quote Adironnda, “Trust, trust, trust, trust, trust, trust, trust.” Trust the elements, trust the divine, set your intention, and know that everything is flowing in that direction. Every time you have a thought, that is like, yes but, that but is your purchase order. So stop it.

I know I’ve had many buts lately, and I’m getting back to the basics in remembering who I am. In experiencing the love, a little emotion, that we are and to ask yourself, why does this bug me? What is it reflecting in my life? Do I feel aken advantage of? Okay, so how do I take advantage of others? How do I take advantage of myself? How do I find the creative playfulness that is truly who I am and who you are?

Celebrate Every Moment

So let’s ask those questions. How do I embrace the creative playfulness with a fun, playful lamp left on my table by my dear friend? How great is that? And left me a message from God, or as we called it in Bimini, Barbara. So what we have is that jubilation that as we are breathing into the life or the energy or the situation that we are experiencing, or we choose to experience, how great is that?

I was talking with one of the Channeler’s Academy folks. And she was saying, “Well, I get these snippets of conversation, but I don’t know what to do with them or how they’re connected.” And it’s like, celebrate the snippets of conversation. Look for the patterns and see what the messages are. Celebrate every moment because every moment is a precious, precious gift to the world. And to yourself. I love y’all. Namaste. Namaste y’all.

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