Finding Your Peace Point [#68]

Finding Your Peace Point

Adironnda Answers

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This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 9/9/2020 Double Digit:

Q: How can we help fearful people step into an outcome that they would prefer?


A: Okay, number one, be clear that you are not standing in your fear and understand the principle of fear and how powerful fear is. What that person probably needs to do more than anything else is express how they’re feeling. Just express. Just express. If you were to ask them some of the same questions, you’ve asked yourself, like, “What am I attached to that I may lose that makes me fear losing the most?” Things like that. But mostly, we tend to think that everybody should think as we do, and where things are, it’s a genuine, real fear for people. Because they fear for their lives and possible outcome. Above all, most people want to have confidence that they’ll live through it and be as positive as possible. But also it’s mostly just compassionately loving and understanding them.

Marilyn Harper:

A: So, with that and that understanding, to know that you are creating a part of this, that you volunteered to be here at this point. Fear, you can work all kinds of acronyms for fear, but the key is, how does that affect your center? Yes, some people would like to leave and go home to their home planet. Well, this is your home planet right now. The key is to find your peace point or find your bliss point by holding your vision by holding the frequency you choose.

Hold the frequency that you choose to create, acknowledge your spiritual practice, and sit in the stillness. Your meditation may be running, walking in nature, or even sitting, putting your spine against a tree for some people. Express your fear in appropriate ways. Sometimes just when you hear yourself express it, it dissipates that energy. And we say, appropriate ways.

We have a friend, and he’s done everything; he calls himself “Louisiana Ginger” because he has red hair, and he is from Louisiana. He has gone through drug addiction and alcohol addiction. And 10 or 12 years ago, he stopped, and he pulled his life together. Now he is an activist. He is an activist for the equality of all human races. He is an activist for pushing back against prejudice and racial dissonance; even more, he is of service. Above all, he’s helping to be aware, helping to create that awareness.

The best way we know to handle your fear is to speak it, say, “This is what I am afraid of,” and then say to yourself, “Well, that’s ridiculous.” And then go on about your way and see how you can indeed be of service to this planet. Remember, every time you talk about how fearful you are, that fear will get bigger. So stop it, stop talking about it. And remember, when you say it, if you speak it, the next phrase is, “Well, that’s ridiculous. What am I doing for myself? Am I of service? What am I doing to be the difference, make the difference, and have the difference to create the difference that I wish to see in this world?” That is the better question. —Adironnda & The Council of Light


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