Follow Your Breath

Reiki Master and Energetic Healing Practitioner

Marilyn: Hello. Marilyn Harper here. I am in the Springfield Missouri Airport, and I’m actually here with my friend Sally Kernan. Let me tell you a little bit about the back story with Sally because I’ve known of Sally, I don’t know, 30 years?


Sally: Since the ’80s.

Marilyn: Since the ’80s.

Sally: Yeah.

Marilyn: She used to be a news anchor on one of the television stations in Springfield. And then, I met her when I moved to Branson a few years ago. She is now my neighbor, and she’s going to Thailand with us. Sally is a Reiki Master and an energetic healing practitioner. She does this amazing healing technique that I can’t even explain what happens with it. I’ve had a couple of sessions and they’re really powerful. I mean, you know, I don’t let just anybody work on me, and Sally does. She also teaches meditation. We were just talking. Let me just turn this over and let Sally come chat.

Meet Sally

Sally: Hi y’all.

Marilyn: This is Sally.

Sally: Hi. I’m new to this.

Marilyn: She teaches meditation and one thing that she would teach is to help somebody develop a meditation practice.


Sally: The first thing you need to remember when you sit down, is to get comfortable. You can’t meditate unless you’re comfortable. You don’t have to be ram-rod straight, but an attempt at it is good. Get yourself comfortable, and then breath in and breath out, and follow your breath. That’s the main thing. A good mantra is, “I am” on the inhale, “the light” on the exhale and just practice that. And pretty soon, with focusing on the verbiage of the mantra and the breath going in and out, your mind shuts off. That’s the hardest thing about meditation because your mind just keeps chattering to you when you try to sit down and go to your happy place. A good way to do this is to follow the breath.

Marilyn: So, the mantra actually brings your energy, your mind, back to the breath. Right?

Sally: Yes, yes.

Marilyn: I love that.

Sally: Inhale, exhale. I am the light.

Marilyn: How nice. Thank you.

Sally: Thank you.

Marilyn: A tip from Sally Kernan and Marilyn Harper, and Joeaux is over there working in the background as you can see.

Namaste y’all. Namaste.


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2 thoughts on “Follow Your Breath

  1. Mark K says:

    Great useful tips to quiet the mind, thanks!
    Another mantra I like is:
    Inhale: I Am
    Exhale: I Exist
    Happy Gratitudes-giving everybody!

  2. Angela de Lara says:

    Sally and Marilyn,
    How cool to see this short video after our Thailand trip, having met Sally there. A delightful surprise and happy reminder of our time together. Thank you both. The trip was truly transformative!
    Hugs, Angela

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