Follow Your Guidance

follow your guidance

Follow Your Guidance

Hi, I am coming to you from Egypt. I know that’s pretty exciting, but I look like I’m coming to you from any hotel, that could be anywhere in the world. You know, sometimes you get the opportunity to just follow your guidance and not question what it’s about. That’s one of those things that I’m learning here and all places.

My Frog Earrings

An example of that is these earrings. See, they’re frogs here. And I’ve had them for years and years. Now, frogs were one of my signs in releasing my fear. If you’ve been to our how-to channel class, you would know that. However, I have kept track of them for years, which is shocking because I normally lose one earring or another. And it is also surprising that I wore them today.

I normally bring them, but I haven’t worn them, in 10 or 15 years. Yet I put them on today, following my guidance, didn’t even think twice about it. I didn’t have this big epiphany… I am going to wear my frog earrings today. Instead, I just thought, well, it kind of goes with what I got on and I just wanted to wear them.

Intuitive Message

That’s really the key… when you get that intuitive message, follow your guidance. It doesn’t come as a big huge epiphany. It doesn’t come as a voice from heaven saying, “Wear your frog earrings.” Instead, it just is like a thought that passes through and then you just follow that, which is kind of what happened.

These frog earrings, or frogs, showed up in someone’s session today. It was an in-person session here in Egypt. I know, I don’t do in-person sessions very often. However, I did today, and this frog showed up. Not this particular frog, but a frog. Then she noticed that I had on these frog earrings and I thought, how synchronistic is that for me to be wearing these earrings?

The Signs

Now, frogs represent leaping forward. Frogs represent paying attention to your water. Frogs also represent communication, because they have such a wonderful song that they sing with their ribbit-ribbit. So, that is really what I’d like you to pay attention to… pay attention to the sounds and the signs all around you.

When you have those intuitive moments, don’t think that they’re going to come as some huge giant epiphany. They may just be a thought that trails through your brain and you follow it. Oki-dokie?

Have you received any symbols, sounds or signs lately? Did you follow your guidance? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments. We love hearing your feedback!

Namaste y’all, namaste.