Following Eclipse

Solar Eclipse Ended

Well, dearest, it is a good day to you. By the time you see this, the solar eclipse of August 21st will have been finished and done. There are those who predicted that the world would come to an end. Those who predicted that all internet would go down for at least 48 hours. Well, as we said on the 6/6 or the 5/5, or something, the world as you know it ends every day.

Indeed Magnificent

Yes, this was a magnificent event. We are still in the energy of the solar eclipse. At this point, it is about drawing a line in the sand for what you are choosing to create in this world. It is about stepping over that line in the sand and stepping into your soul’s essence.

To demand and command, by the authority of your divine soul, that all things are possible, that what you are choosing to create, and then you can name it, is being created right here, right now with as much ease and grace as is possible.

That is an important phrase, “With as much ease and grace as is possible.” For you see, you can be debt-free, but if you don’t state the way you wish to be debt-free, “I wish to be debt-free having enough funds and having all of my bills taken care of, through abundance, not necessarily through other means.”

You see, your words are so important. Even the purchase order to the universe is important as to how you word it, that it is in the present moment. Just as we were in the present moment on August 21, 2017, still in the energy of the solar eclipse.

Light and Dark

Dearest beings of light, we ask you, what is it that you are doing to eclipse your world? What is it that you are doing to balance that light and dark? You are both light and dark, yes you are. You are the light. And when you walk into some place it is still the light. However, the darkness sometimes defines the light, just as with the sun and the moon overshadowing each other. One is much smaller than the other, and yet in areas of the planet it completely blacks out the brilliance of the sun.

What part are you? Are you the energy that is small and mighty, that is ready to black out anything that is standing in your way? Are you ready to shift your consciousness? Stand forth in your strength and power, and to shine brightly whether you can be seen or not? Are you ready to move into the new vibration of this planet? Dearest beings of light, that is your quest. What can you do today to be the difference?

Be The Change That You Are

Even if all you do is gather up your cardboard and take it to the recycle bin, that is still the difference. If all you do is clean out a closet to make way, make room, for new ideas in your energy, that is the difference.

Even if all you do is go down to the local soup kitchen and volunteer, that is a difference. Even if all you do is sit anywhere in nature, and honor, and be grateful for the world that is spinning on around you, that is something.

Dearest, we ask you, for your benefit and for the galaxy’s benefit, be the change that you are. Be the love that you are. Be the difference that you wish to see, for in that vibration of difference comes enlightenment, illumination. A true balance of the light and dark.

Namaste y’all,

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