Forgiving Creates Peace Within

Isn’t it great to start the New Year without unhealthy baggage in your heart? If you agree, then this 1st spiritual message of the year from Adironnda Spiritual Healer, delivered by Joeaux “The Joy” Robey, a must watch. Joeaux discusses about how forgiving creates peace within you.

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Hey, it’s Joeaux!

Sorry it’s a little bouncy, but I wanted to take you with me on my walk. And I have to tell you, I’m way out of my comfort zone. So I want to challenge you, because to do this in public without practicing is a little bit scary. But hey, it’s New Years’, right, and I wanted to challenge you to do the same. You don’t have to make a video, but do something out of your comfort zone, and then post it on the blog post below so we can all cheer for you.

Forgiveness with a capital “F”

So recently, I started this program called “Course in Miracles”, and I’ve tried to do it before but it never spoke to me. I guess I wasn’t ready for it and, this year, decided I was ready for it and I took it on. And something huge happened for me about forgiveness. I’m not talking about forgiveness with a little “f”, I’m talking about Forgiveness with a capital “F”.

Because, see, there’s this person in my life, and I’m sure you have somebody like them, I think that they’re probably my greatest messenger, at least one of three or four, and he knows how to push my buttons. He knows how to really get under my skin, and he knows how to do things that, to me, look like betrayal.

And I have responded in so many different ways to him. I have yelled, screamed, cried, blamed, ignored him, resented him, left him, you know, I’ve tried it all. And recently, in “Course of Miracles”, basically, the message is so clear and so simple, and it’s about forgiving yourself and forgiving everything, everyone, just forgiving them.

Help yourself by Forgiving

And, you know, somebody said to me, “Well, if you do that, then you’re a doormat,” and I thought, you know, I’m gonna try it. I’ve never done that before. And so, I went back to him and I asked him why he made the choice that he made, and he didn’t know.

I realized at that point that he didn’t do anything to me, he totally did it to himself. And so, I said to him, “You know, I really love you, and I forgive you.” He started to sob. He started to cry so hard. It was like he was breaking through something and, as he broke through something, I realized that my lesson was not about betrayal, it was about forgiveness.

Now, I don’t know if you have somebody in your life like that. I’m sure you do, we’re all here for that reason, right? But I’m hoping that maybe that will help somebody out there today, thinking about that Forgiveness with a capital “F”.

Love you. Bye bye.

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