Freaking Out?

freaking out

Freaking out, take two…

Of course, you didn’t ever see take one.

But we just want to let you know that when you’re freaking out over something and, I mean, you know, you’re pulling your hair out, you’re throwing things, you’re yelling and you’re screaming, or you’re sitting there going:

“Ah, how can this be working?”

“How can this happen like this? Blah blah blah blah blah.”

Just stop it.

It doesn’t serve. Take a deep breath. Take a very deep breath, and just relax and know that whatever you’re freaking out over really has nothing to do with what you’re actually freaking out over.

Does that make sense?

Whatever you’re freaking out over is something that happened in the past. It’s probably…the issue is not the issue. The real issue is not the issue. The issue that you think is the issue is really not the issue, and the issue is the trickiest issue that you could ever have because the issues are issues, no matter what they are, and they’re all in the past.

How’s that?

We’re here in this wonderful beach house from Joy’s in-laws, and they… We’re surrounded by the ocean. We’ve got beach house light, sunlight, sunsets, sunrises, and…you know, if you feel that there’s too much that you can possibly do, if you’re freaked out over what’s happening in the world, if you’re freaked out over things that are way beyond your control, just stop it. Just stop it.

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Go google Bob Newhart’s video on YouTube called “Stop It,” watch that, and then stop it. Realize that you can take a deep breath, and you are the one that is in control of everything. Your life. You are the one that is making the choice to live by, and as Adironnda would say, when you do that, they would say, “Good job.”

Of course, I can’t imitate Adironnda. Joeaux imitates Adironnda much better, but I can’t ask Joeaux to come over here and imitate Adironnda because she’s busy plurking, and she doesn’t want me to interrupt her. And I really, really want to interrupt her because I want to go plurk in a different way and play a bit more than work right now.

So, this is your message for this week. Plurk, play, and work; and, when you’re freaking out about something, stop it. It does not serve. Just take a deep breath, see what the real issue at hand is, and see what you get the opportunity to shift because of that issue. That must be the tipoff that I need to go plurk some more.

Namaste y’all,


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3 thoughts on “Freaking Out?

  1. Liz Sands says:

    When my life was at its hardest, when my husband was going into the end stages of Alzheimers, and everything just seems SO AWFUL, one of the tools I used to keep going when “issues” of lesser importance would arise, I would then and still do think – how much will I remember of this in a year? (or 6 months, or 5 years, or whatever makes you put it into the perspective of how unimportant most of these issues are!!) Loving you

  2. Jennifer Crowley says:

    I love the Bob Newhart video! I saw it a couple of years ago and have referenced it to friends as well!
    The plurking is a new term to me & had to look it up!
    Thanks for sharing your light!!!
    I won’t freak out!
    Love & Light

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