Free Life Coaching: How Can I Be Irresistible?

Free Life Coaching with Marilyn Harper

In this first segment of the Weekly Messages with Marilyn and Adirronda, Marilyn gives a little free life coaching perspective. How can we be irresistible and fill our lives with positiveness? Watch the video now!

How Can I Be Irresistible? The goal for 2016…

Dearest One,

This is the first segment of our new Weekly Messages (with me and Adironnda). I certainly hope you enjoy them because they’re lots of fun to do!

What I want to do with these is to actually share just a little part of my life, to share a little part of what’s happening, maybe what’s happening with you, what’s happening with me, and to help provide you with a little inspiration and a little message. Maybe some motivation to help you, I don’t know, get off the sofa and do whatever it is that’s in your highest joy to do. Sometimes I’ll draw cards, sometimes I’ll read something. Sometimes it’ll be Adironnda, sometime it’ll be me. Of course, Adironnda’s always with me.

So, today I’d like to share a card that I drew on 1/1 of this year. It’s from “Angel Cards”. You know, this is the very first deck I ever purchased. I have no idea what they are… They’re angel messages of some sort. So, let me just read this to you. It is the Angel of Positivity.

“My mind is filled with positive thoughts that nourish, flourish, and heal my life. The positivity is not something simply opposing negativity. It brings transformation and creates clear vision and right action.” ~ The Angel of Positivity

Clear vision and right action.

You see, in this year, Adironnda said on the 1/1, 2016, which if you haven’t seen it, it’s on our website. It’s free and available for everyone. They love double digits! Since it’s 1/1, we’ve got Randy Luna playing just an activation that will knock your socks off, if you’re wearing any. But one of the themes for this year are irresistible. And one of the things about being irresistible is to never, ever complain.

We spend so much time talking about what we don’t want, that’s like a purchase order to the universe.

So instead, let’s rephrase that into what we do want. What are we creating? What are we shifting? What are we energizing in our life that helps us be irresistible to life? We can live a complaint-free world. We can live with a positive approach to life much more easily than we can live with a negative approach to life. It’s just a bit more of a habit of that negative approach to life.

So, Joeaux and I are becoming the language police for one another. You can, too! So find a trusted friend, if you don’t have one we will help, and monitor the language that you use and others use in the way you phrase things.

Positivity, that’s the message of this year.

Keep it cool. Share this little bit of free life coaching with your friends, who couldn’t use a bit of positivity in their life?

Have a fabulous, irresistible, positive week.

Namaste y’all,


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