Friends Helping Friends

friends helping friends

A Lakeside Chat

Joeaux: Hello.

Marilyn: Hello. So here we are, standing on our lake.

Joeaux: Yeah. It’s our lake like Randy’s our composer.

Marilyn: Right, right. And it’s so amazing. We just saw a family of Canadian geese, the mama and the papa, we’re guessing.

Joeaux: While Marilyn talks, I’m gonna show it to you.

Canadian Geese Visit

Marilyn: And all of the little ducklings, the little geeslings, right?

Joeaux: Goslings. Well, those would be geese.

Marilyn: See, there.

Joeaux: There they are.

Marilyn: I don’t know if you can see them. They’re all the way across the lake.

Joeaux: Trying to swim upstream, but the water’s going too fast for them, I think. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s the weekend before everyone arrives.

Marilyn: It’s two days before everyone arrives.

Joeaux: Yeah.

Friends Helping Friends

Marilyn: In fact, the city, Branson, Missouri, is really getting full right now with boats and people, and people on…

Joeaux: Friends.

Marilyn: …vacation. Friends.

Joeaux: Friends coming together, you know? Celebrating.

Marilyn: When friends get together with friends, they really shift the consciousness of their own world. When friends help friends, they shift the consciousness of everybody’s world.

Joeaux: Yeah. I think it was Zig Ziglar who said something about giving. If you wanna be successful, help someone else be successful.

Marilyn: Right.

Joeaux: That’s what it was. Something like that.

Marilyn: Right, right. Look at them. They’re all in a line over there.

Joeaux: Yeah.

Marilyn: That’s so cool.

New John Burgos Program

Joeaux: And recently, we had the opportunity to help someone who we really care a lot about. We think he’s doing some really great things in the world, and you may know him. His name is John Burgos. And he has a brand new subscription program that he’s rolling out, and we are so excited for him. I mean, you know, it takes a lot to get going in this business.

Marilyn: It does take a lot to get going in this business. People tell us all the time, “We just wanna be like you.”

Joeaux: If they only knew.

Marilyn: If they only knew, right. But, John Burgos has a new program. He’s the host of the “Beyond The Ordinary” Show. And it is really…anything that John does is really amazing. He’s one of the best interviewers I’ve experienced, and it took a lot for us to get on his show.

Joeaux: Yeah. And he’s also fun. He was at our convergence a couple years ago, and we really enjoyed him. He’s just a real sweetheart. So, we wanted to let you know about his subscription program. We’re gonna put the link here so that you can sign up if you want. We don’t always send out email or do videos for other people, but we just felt really, really called to help John, because he has helped so many people get their messages out in this business.

A Time for Honoring Friends

Marilyn: There goes Joeaux’s boat.

Joeaux: Squirrel.

Marilyn: Joeaux’s boat is a speedboat. My boat is a pontoon.

Joeaux: Go figure.

Marilyn: And, you know, John does have so much to offer. He’s lots of fun. He’s profound and he works on himself, you know? He’s doing the deed, he’s doing the work.

Joeaux: Yeah, he walks his talk. So if you feel called, if this resonates for you, check it out. I’ve got the link here. And check it out and see what John is offering in his subscription service now. That’s all we really wanted to say other than have a wonderful holiday weekend. We’re not gonna say which one this is because we try to make these evergreen.

Marilyn: When this shows, it’s going to be, “We hope you HAD a wonderful holiday weekend.”

Joeaux: We hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend with your friends.

Marilyn: And you honored the people that have passed, and we just know that in that energy, all is perfect.

Joeaux: And honor your friends in the future as well.

Marilyn: Absolutely.

Joeaux: Namaste, y’all.

Marilyn: Namaste.

We love to see friends helping friends. Are any of your friends doing something fantastic that deserves to be honored? If so, tell us about how great they are in the comments. We love hearing from you!


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  1. Arvind says:

    Oh, Shenandoah, I long to see you,
    Hurrah, you rolling river.
    Oh, Shenandoah, I’ll not deceive you,
    We’re bound way ‘cross the wide Missouri.
    Oh, Shenandoah, I love your daughter,
    I love the place across the water.
    The ship sails free, the wind is blowing,
    The braces taut, the sheets a-flowing.
    Missouri, she’s a mighty river,
    We’ll brace her up till her topsails shiver.
    Oh, Shenandoah, I’ll leave you never,
    Till the day I die, I’ll love you ever.
    — Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell

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