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TONIGHT: Jennifer Hough

TONIGHT’S TOPIC: Awaken Your Innate Abilities
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WHEN: Thursday, Sept. 20 – 6PM Pacific
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FOR LAST NIGHT’S REPLAY: Lenedra Carroll, The Power of Toning

About Jennifer Hough

Jennifer Hough is a Seer, Alchemist and Best Selling Author. Her work is to assist each of us to awaken to our innate abilities beyond the 5 senses, to live life in flow and passion, and to truly experience our lives as “a piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth” in this lifetime. Her magnetic style and authenticity have blown audiences away all over the world.

She’s been emanating her special kind of light from Peru to Hawaii to Toronto to Germany and Australia……… igniting flames of peace, passion and effortless flow where ever she goes. Jennifer is a supreme lover of life that will activate your cellular YES, making that little voice in your head highly uninteresting to listen to. Her mission is to cause Heaven within so we can all bring Heaven with us where ever we go!

The programs she teaches are: Get Out of Your Own Way(TM), The Personal Mastery of Awakening and The Awakening Coach Training Program. She also takes those ready to have the full experience on Awakening Adventures all over the world.

*See* you tonight online or on the call! The call will be recorded and a download link will be sent out afterwards.

Blessings in light, love, and laughter!

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