Merry Holidays from Marilyn, Joeaux, and Adironnda & Company

Snowman Scurry 2016 Holiday Video

Watch this little holiday video…

Merry Holidays!

Thanks for sharing a year that is full of laughter and spiritual awareness, and healing, with us. We hope we can continue to share more spiritual messages and wonderful moments with you this coming year.

In case you’ve missed some of our most popular weekly spiritual messages, here they are:

  • This Too Shall Pass
    You know the phrase, “This too shall pass,” is one of those things that… You know, sometimes when somebody tells you that, you just want to push them over or shake them and say, “I know, I know, but I wanna be in my stuff.
  • Spiritual Laughter
    Laughing has a lot of good effects. Enjoy a laugh with Marilyn in this spiritual message.
  • To Bag or Not to Bag
    Do you ever feel like life would be better with a bag over your head? Learn how to overcome that feeling and replace it with something much more productive.
  • How to Stay in the Flow
    Have you ever felt that however hard you push yourself, you can’t get important things done? It is because you’re not ‘in the flow’. In this weekly spiritual message, Marilyn shares how to get in the flow and be there until you accomplish the things that are important to you.
  • Try Something New
    It is never too late to begin now. It just takes a little nudge if you haven’t already started. It’s all in the mind, believe me.
  • A Burnout Treatment for Seekers
    Have you ever burned out trying to do your very best? Here’s a burnout treatment for those seeking a higher purpose in life.
  • Why Clearing Your Mind is Important?
    In this short spiritual message, Marilyn Harper discusses why clearing your mind with intention is important.

May you be filled with laughter and surrounded by wonderful people this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Namaste y’all,

Marilyn, Joeaux, and Adironnda and the Council of Light.


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4 thoughts on “Merry Holidays from Marilyn, Joeaux, and Adironnda & Company

  1. Janet Levine says:

    ,m so disappointed that I didn’t read Kate Guendling’s email letting me know Marilyn that you were going to be in Salt Lake City on January 22nd. (Day after my 56th Birthday.) I would have Loved to Reconnect with you since I’ve moved from Fayetteville, AR to Salt Lake City, UT just over 2 yrs ago. (After my One and Only Precious Daughter Kailyn 29 yrs old Died. She was My Best Friend and our Bond was/Is Connected Heart-to-Heart , Spirit-to-Spirit Wherever We Are…Kailyn just Passed thru the Veil before Me her Mother did. I stayed in Fayetteville during my first year of Grieving and wouldn’t have made it without’ My Unity Sister’s-in-Spirit’ were there to Support & Uplift Me. I realized my 4 bedroom house was too large for me to keep up alone since my daughter died and it was time to sell it and to move on even if it meant Leaving My Dearest Friends within Unity of Fayetteville and move to Salt Lake City where I had some Family. It’s Unfortunate that I don’t Open my Instagram very often, and because of that I missed Kate’s Heads Up about you being in Salt Lake a few weeks ago. I’ll have to Follow Adironnda & Company so that I will know If and When you come back you to Salt Lake City. I will make sure to give You a {{{Huge Hug}}} and Feel Your Reverberating Love & Light. I Love You & Bless You & Jo on a Happy and Prosperous Year. Namaste, Janet Levine

  2. Susan Bianchi says:

    Merry Christmas Marilyn and Joyeaux! I am so grateful that your guidance has helped me back on my spiritual path with intention! Thank you and much love to both of you!

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