Gift Wrapping on Everything!

Gift Wrapping on Everything!

Understanding Our Humanity

Hello. Happy holidays. And you know what? It is the time of year when the holidays are upon us, whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or winter solstice, and I would love to know what Muslims celebrate. We each have our spiritual gifts, don’t we? We have our little section of humanity that we are understanding.

Everything is a Gift

I listened to something this morning that said, “Everything is a gift.” I thought, what would it be like if we would get out of bed and stumble to the bathroom and the toilet was wrapped in Christmas paper, or the toilet had a big bow on it. Or we went to the coffee pot or the teapot where it was all wrapped up like a present. The cups had a nice bow on them all wrapped up like a present, the spoon to stir it was all wrapped up like a present and the table that you sat at or the sofa that you sat at was like a big present all wrapped up with a big bow on it. I wonder what it would be like if we looked at absolutely everything like a gift.

Amazing Gifts Each Day

I think that is an interesting thing to ponder. My friend, Randy, has a ponder wall. He’s got pictures of people pondering on the ponder wall; it’s like those things to ponder. The gifts that we receive each day are amazing. Yes, maybe your toilet is a gift to you and maybe your coffee pot. I know my coffee pot is a gift to me and my teapot and everything else.

And I think of all the people in my life that are gifts to me. I mean, Joeaux, of course, is a gift to me, and our team is a gift to me, and Randy is a gift to me well, he’s a part of our team. My son and my grandkids they’re all gifts to me. And I visualize them all wrapped up and how fun that would be to put a big bow on my grandson, Noah’s head. He’s 22. He may not be agreeable to that.

Messengers Bring Gifts

But everybody that does come into our lives is a gift to us. They’re messengers. They are messengers that are bringing a gift, no matter what it is. I mean, little Amelda at the thrift store that I went to today, she was telling me that if I bought this piece, I had to buy the other piece because that piece would be lonely if it were left behind. And she thought I had a European accent, and I’m like, “I’m from Kansas. I don’t think I have a European accent.” But she had a very serious accent, Amelda did. She was a gift to me. Joeaux and I chuckled about her and thought, “What a wonderful, sweet little salesperson at the DAV store,” which is the Disabled American Veterans store, one of our favorites, to pop in and see what treasures they’ve found for us.

Wrapping Paper on Everyone

It’s so amazing when you think of everyone that you encounter as a gift. Go through your day today or your week this week and see everyone wrapped up with wrapping paper and a big bow on their head. See if that changes your perspective a little bit. And if you chuckle whenever you see someone, they probably will want something that you’ve got. Most people love to laugh.

That’s your message today. Namaste, y’all. Oh, I see you. You are wrapped up like a big gift. I love that. See you later.

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