GPS for Your SoulWhile we are looking for direction, searching for our purpose, our path, our mission or goal in life, it would all be much easier if we could just flip on a GPS system and be done with it. Let the little computer guide to your true joy and destiny.

It truly can be nearly as easy as that. In the GPS for your Soul Plerkshop (Play +Work = Plerk) you will find techniques to clear the pathway of your destiny and embrace your “true calling.” You will laugh, play, and discover your direction with a guidance system that is tried and true: YOU!

In GPS for your Soul, you will:

• Understand what your Divine Essence is.

• Discover your purpose, if you feel lost.

• Create a clear plan to go from goal to completion.

• Receive 21 ways to accomplish anything

• Believe your authentic Destiny is easier than you think


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