Guess What Next Month Is

guess what next month is

Guess What Next Month Is

Joeaux: Guess what next month is.

Marilyn: I know what next month is. It’s the 10-year anniversary for the Double-Digit Activations.

Joeaux: This is even before me. This started in September, 9/9 of 2009. That’s the year before I started working with Marilyn.

Marilyn: In Branson, Missouri.

Joeaux: Back in the day when she would do the message and record it and then hand-write it from her machine, onto CD and mail it to everybody.

Marilyn: I know, I know. And we had like 28 people in attendance live in the little clubhouse, in the apartment complex I was living in.

10 Years of Double Digits

Joeaux: So guess what we’re gonna do?

Marilyn: I’m so excited.

Joeaux: We’re gonna celebrate the 9/9.

Marilyn: On 9/4.

Joeaux: In Branson, Missouri where it all started. Yes, we are gonna have to do it on 9/4 but it will be the 9/9 message… because we will be in Bulgaria on 9/9. But we’re gonna do it 9/4, September 4th in Branson, Missouri. And if you want to come, it is free to come to the live webcast of it.

Marilyn: You can be a member of the studio audience.

Joeaux: Yay. And we’re gonna have our brand new Double Digitology book ready for those who attend the live event.

Marilyn: They will get a copy free… as well as all the Double Digit subscribers online, right? They’ll get a copy free. Maybe not physically mailed to them, but the downloadable version.

You’re Invited to Celebrate!

Joeaux: In fact, we will have a reception afterwards. Again, for those who attend live. For everybody else, the subscribers and if you’re coming on for the single session, it is as it always is. The bonus is in the beginning. We’re gonna do a live interview and we will have copies of our brand new Double Digitology book for the people who attend live. And we will also be having a short reception afterwards just to celebrate.

Marilyn: Celebrate. And so if you’re online, remember you will still be invited to this at 7:00. That’s 7:00 Central Time, which will be 5:00 Pacific Time for the Q&A with Adironnda, with Marilyn. Oh, that’s me.

Joeaux: That’s her.

Marilyn: With Joeaux. That’s her.

Joeaux: That’s me.

Marilyn: And Randy.

Joeaux: He’s usually right there. Right between us.

Marilyn: He’s behind us. So if you have any questions or if you found this too confusing, just email us at As a matter of fact, email us or register here and let us know if you’re gonna come, just in case we get more people than Unity of the Hills can handle.

Joeaux: We want to make sure we have enough copies of the book, and we want to make sure that we have enough seats. And, of course, we wanted to make sure we have enough probably…

Marilyn: Snacks.

Joeaux: Gluten-free cake and dairy-free ice cream.

Marilyn: Yes. Namaste y’all.

Joeaux: Namaste.

Marilyn: See you then.

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We’re so excited to be celebrating this milestone, and hope you can join us on 9/4/19. We also LOVE to hearing your feedback…so please leave us a comment below.


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  1. Frida says:

    Dear Marilyn, and Joeux, Congratulations on 10 year anniversary as it continues to next 10 years 🙂
    Would love to come to celebrate with you on line.

    Thank you for the gracious gift, accepting with gratitude.

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