Use Guided Meditation to Create Balance in Your Life


Use this Guided Meditation to lead a balanced life!

This week, Marilyn tackles the concept of “balance in your life”. This video message is a bit longer than usual – 30 minute video – and well worth it! You’ll receive a card reading and go all the way to the end of the video for a very special guided meditation! How cool is that?

Check out Marilyn in the video below.

This is the time of balance.


I hope you are having a fabulous day. I know I am. I just finished recording some personalized guided meditations with Randy Luna. They are amazing, if I do say so myself. Randy and I both come away from them transformed, centered, in a state of bliss. I can’t imagine what the person that we made them for comes away with, but I like to imagine that.

Anyway, as you know, we’re working on a time of balance. This is what’s very important, is that energy of balance, that frequency:

  • that you play a certain amount of time,
  • and you work a certain amount of time,
  • you be of service a certain amount of time,
  • and you rest a certain amount of time,
  • and you provide sustenance for your body a certain amount of time,
  • and sustenance for your spirit a certain amount of time.

So this is a part, I’m hoping anyway, of your sustenance of spirit. This is a part of your spiritual practice, I’m hoping.

If you’re new to my website, my name is Marilyn Harper, and I bring in messages for your soul from other dimensions through a being and a series of beings, Adironnda and the council of light. They are different ascended Masters that were once in human form or archangels.

A Message from Archangel Raphael

Today, this whole time, we’re working on balance. Balance is very important. So as a part of your spiritual balance, I drew some cards. I actually drew six of them. I don’t know that we’re going to talk about them all, but the first one that I drew is for you. It’s the Archangel Raphael. I’m not sure what these cards are. That’s what they look like. Maybe Dorian Virtue archangel cards or something.

“I am helping you heal physical challenges in yourself and others. You are a healer, like me.” ~ Archangel Raphael

Did you get that? Take a deep breath.

Archangel Raphael’s message to you, today, and to me. “I am helping you heal physical challenges in yourself and others. You are a healer, like me.” Take a deep breath and breathe that in. The Archangel Raphael is helping you heal physical challenges in yourself and others. You are a healer, like me.

The Archangel Raphael is on my council and was really the first guide, angel, guardian angel, whatever you want to call him, her, whatever, that came back to me after I woke up when I walked in, when I had this transformation. So it’s very significant that I drew this for you, and for me. The next card that I drew, this is the first deck that I ever purchased. It was purchased in the ’90s. I’m not sure what it’s even called.

The Angel of Tenderness

Angel cards, I call them. And this is The Angel of Tenderness.

“I am radiant with tenderness,” ~ that’s the message.

It was upside down when I drew it. What that tells me is, I am radiant with tenderness, but I may not be as tender as I could possibly be right now. So I get the opportunity to look within my life – and you do too, because I drew these for you as well – and see where could I radiate tenderness with myself or with others?

The Angel of Partnership

The next one I drew – this is a whole process within itself – The Angel of Partnership. You know, partners are equals. They are sharing in all things. And the wonderful thing about a partnership is when they realize that what’s happening is they honor their differences, they honor their magnetism and their oppositions, and realize where they can complement each other in perfection.

Little Owl Cards

These are little owl cards by a dear friend of mine in the United Kingdom – Shirley. I love them. It’s a lot to read right now. It says

“We seek the tracks of those who are treading the path.”

Take a deep breath. “We seek the tracks of those who are treading the path.” I really like what that says. “I choose this path to learn. I choose this path to expand and grow in the realization of love, so every aspect of my life is of love.”

That’s just one line on these little owl cards, which are amazing, truly amazing.

And then this is my newest deck. It is, I don’t know, some angel cards. I can’t keep track of them all. I love it.

Earth angel, “Thank you, angels, for inspiring us to be more like you.”

The Earth Angel

In 1993, I experienced a major transformation. After that, some writers would have called what happened to me, and many others, that an earth angel came in to me. I woke up to that fact in ’96. So, this was a direct message for me, and for you, because no matter whether you experienced a transformation or not, you’re still an earth angel.

And if you are that earth angel, then you are a part of Zadkiel, transformation.

“Thank you, Zadkiel, for supporting me to transform from past challenges.” ~ Earth Angel (Tweet this!)

Zadkiel’s this wonderful archangel that’s very serious, but he’s carrying what looks like to be a birthday cake of sparklers. How do you bring earth angels, transformation, balance, the path, Raphael, tenderness, partnership into balance? Those are all the aspects of our lives.

Spend 90 Minutes, Daily, in Spiritual Practice

A part of our balance is to spend a certain amount of time in the spiritual practice. According to some teachers, an hour and a half, 90 minutes a day, is the percentage of time that you would spend. To some, that throws them into that sense of panic. But if you did spend 90 minutes a day, your life would transform. Work up to that balance.

Honor yourself and your path. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to look into the outside and see those things that inspire us. I’ve been working on balance lately. My last message was about balance. So if you’re done, you can go. But if you would like to do a little breathing and balancing exercise with me, please do. I’m going to unplug my headset now, though, so I can stand up.

Join Marilyn in this Breathing & Balancing Exercise

If you want to leave now, that’s fine. Have a fabulous day.

People ask me what’s behind me. I’ve got a lamp that I’ve had for years, and years, and years. I’ve got a plant. I’ve got prayer feathers. I’ve got a picture of Yeshua, Lakshmi, and my little alien friends over here. So, what I’d like you to do, or what I’m going to do, is to balance on both feet with my feet about as far apart as my shoulders.

Look down. Remember one of the things, whenever you bend your knees…I don’t think I want you to watch me while I do this, so you’ll just see body parts of me. When you bend your knees, you never want your toe to be farther out or farther in than your knee. So when you look up, look down, you just want to make sure that you never extend that far.

You know, you have to put your hand on your chest and hold the other hand up in the air. Repeat after me, “I know that Marilyn Harper is not a physical therapist. I know that Marilyn Harper is just doing moves that are comfortable for her, and that I might be able to benefit for. I know that I will not hold her responsible in case something happens and I pull a muscle or hurt something, or fall or do anything like that. I’m the one that’s responsible for my own transformation. And so it is.” Okay, thank you.

Be sure and have something next to you so that you can hang on to it in case you need balance. First, right now, just center your body weight over your feet, like a little bit on the balls of your feet. Take a deep breath. Bend your knees so they’re like…this is standing up, this is bent, so they’re just bent down, lowering your body about an inch or two from where your normal height is.

Take another deep breath. Nice. As you breathe again, allow your neck to stretch just a little, from side to side, and a little from front to back. If you feel like yawning, you know we’re doing our job. You can even attach a breath to it. Like, when you lean forward, you could breathe in. And when you lean back, you can exhale.

Raise your shoulders up to the sky. Roll back, breathe into the back of it. Let’s see if you can have your shoulder blades just reach for each other. Man, that feels good. Have your shoulders come in. Make a big circle there with your shoulders. Pull your shoulder blades back. Man, that feels good, doesn’t it? It’s like giving yourself a little back rub.

Be sure and keep breathing. Let’s shift your weight all in your right leg. Still keep your left leg down, just shift your weight over. And then shift your weight over onto your left leg. So your weight is centered over your leg. This is when you want to check and make sure that your knee is not extended farther over than your toe is. Feel your back being straight. Imagine a mirror there beside you. If you want to put it over beside you, you can, but not right now. Imagine your back being in its straight natural position.

Let’s shift your weight back over to your right leg. I can certainly tell that my right leg could use a little more strengthening. After my surgery last year, I didn’t really do all the exercises that I should have done, so I’ve gotta do them now, because I’m going to Peru. You could come too, maybe. It depends on when this airs. If your legs get tired being bent like that, just straight them up and move around a little bit.

This is not about torture or anything else. Take a deep breath. Bend your knees. I want you to just allow your spine to relax from the top down. Feel as though each vertebrae is just dropping. The weight of your head is pulling each vertebrae down. See if you can feel what it feels like for each vertebrae to be moving. We know that your back is moving all together, but see if you can separate the feeling. Just go all the way down.

This is where if you lose your balance, have something right there that you can touch. Take a deep breath when you get down there. See if you can elongate your back just to relax all those muscles. As it relaxes, see what muscles you’re using to hold your body in this relaxed position. Are you using those big thigh muscles? Are you using your knees? Your legs?

Theoretically, your back should be really relaxed. Take a deep breath while you’re down there. Now start stacking those vertebrae up, and as you do, visualize those disks in between each vertebrae being the best possible distance apart, padding each vertebrae, building up the juicy jelly stuff in the middle of the vertebrae, in the middle of the disk. Like it’s a pillow in between each of your bones, as you stack each one up from your tailbone. Your waist and your hips, and your shoulders.

Kinda roll back as your head comes all the way up. If you need to rearrange a little, do so. Take a deep breath. Just hold it right there. You can kind of sit, hold your arms out like you’re holding a big ball, or like you’re a ballerina. Be sure to keep your shoulders down so they don’t get all stiff. Just relax every muscle you’re not using. You’re using your arms to hold them up. You’re using your thigh muscles to keep your legs bent.

You can hold this position as long as you like, as long as you’re comfortable. When you feel your shoulders tightening up, ask your body if it’s time to relax your arms. If you can, when you feel that tightening or burning, just breathe into it. See if you can last a few more seconds. And then relax. That felt really good. How was it for you? Was it good for you? You know, wash, rinse, repeat. In other words, don’t wash. I mean, you don’t have to wash.

As you stand, see how long you can comfortably stand balanced on the center of your body, whether you’re moving back and forth, or moving to side to side. There was an exercise that they did for me in physical therapy. They had me center my energy on my feet and just weave from side to side. Let’s do some of that. I’m gonna move my chair. That way, you can see I’ve got a little alien girl down there.

Breathe with that. And again, you know your body. Do not put your body in pain. And if your body’s not in pain, see how long you can hold the positions, because what we’re doing is, we’re working on the muscles that are on the inside, the balance of them. Hold your abdomen in, your stomach in. My mom used to say that to me all the time, and I think that that was a part of my rebellion, is I didn’t hold my stomach in because I didn’t have to.

Now I wish I would have kept those muscles as strong as possible. As a matter of fact, I’ve started exercising those muscles when I’m driving or when I’m sitting working on the computer. I pull them in and then I breathe against them. That’s what I remember from the few Pilates classes that I’ve had, that they would say, “Pull your stomach muscles in as tight as you can make them, and then take a deep breath for nothing.” That strengthens those muscles. Breathe. Inhale, and just see if you can match your breath to the movement.

Be sure that you’re not getting your toes out of alignment with your knees. I’m going to strengthen my right leg. I’m gonna put my right leg at a 45 degree angle from my body. I’m gonna take a hold of my chair to give me balance. I’m gonna raise my left leg. I’m gonna try to hold my balance with my arms. If I breathe into that and focus on one point on the wall, I find I can do a better balance. I’m focusing on a picture of Master Yeshua, and dolphins. Take a deep breath.

Put your right foot at a 45 degree angle, bend your knee, breathe into your body, and lift your left foot. Now try the other foot. Put your left foot at a 45 degree angle from your body, bend your knee, breathe into that place of balance. When you find your center, raise your right foot. I am going to get better at this. I know I am.

I’m going to strengthen my muscles so I can easily balance, because that’s what it’s all about.


“I’m helping you heal physical challenges in yourself and others. You are a healer, like me. ”
“Try a little tenderness.”
“Be a divine partner with your own body in balance.”
Because, “you are an earth angel, and you are going to transform the world.”
Because “That is why you are walking the path of wisdom.”

Namaste y’all,


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3 thoughts on “Use Guided Meditation to Create Balance in Your Life

  1. Eunice says:

    Thank you Marilyn! I really needed this. I have been ill and did not join in the exercise at first. I was told by spirit to “get up and do it!” and I would receive a healing. Get up I did. I feel so much better now. THANK YOU, Thank You, thank you. Aloha!

  2. Carol Howell says:

    Yesterday I attended the Kryon event in Portland, Maine. Amber Wolf could not be there. You (Marilyn) could not be there. Someone named Shamir was there sharing about HeartMath, which I found interesting since I have recently become a HeartMath Coach in mid-coast Maine. At Lee’s request, Shamir led us in a HeartMath technique, and then we all radiated love and compassion to you and your mom. I just did the balance exercises with you. In May, I turn 70, and my mom turns 89. You’ve shared about the way some relationships are not so comfortable or clear. I’m just writing this to say that I am radiating light and love and compassion to you and your mom, to me and my mom. Lately, I’ve been having a lot of pain in all my joints. I’m hoping this is just a matter of recalibrating. For all of the above reasons, I will do these exercises with you again tomorrow night. Isn’t it wonderful the way there really is only now and here. Namaste.

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