Guided Meditation Methods

By Marilyn Harper

Guided meditation methods and silent meditation methods each have their place in a spiritual practice. Utilizing both silent and guided meditation provides you with more balance in your life.

When we have a “busy mind,” a “chaotic life,” that is simply the energy that floats around us most of our day. When we have a peaceful mind at the start of our day, at least that inner peace has a chance to survive. That is where a guided mediation can come in handy. A guided mediation simply provides the mind something to focus on, a journey if you will. It provides something outside of ourselves that helps us connect with the Source. (Not that we are ever separate from Source, after all Source is the one constant presence in our beingness.)

It is simply that guided meditation methods take us on a journey or an excursion into or out of many things. A guided meditation is a wondrous adventure for beginning a meditation practice and can provide new heights for more experienced practice. The guided meditation simply put, helps one focus without the distraction of the outside world and assists in the visualization of healing, cellular clearing or integration. One of the most powerful healing techniques is visualization.

For the experienced meditation practitioner, guided mediation methods help shift the old habits of the same scenario, thereby, taking the experience to new expanded awareness. So many times we become encumbered with our old patterns, old ways or habits that we become entrenched in the way things “ought” to be or the way they have “always” been. Just because things sometime seem to be a certain way always, doesn’t necessarily make it a good thing. So many times when the mind wanders into the way things “ought” to be, we may miss a greater message.

The expanded version of what Source may have in store for us can easily come through mediation. By surrendering to the Guided journey meditation, we allow our mind to drift along on a visualized path to new locations and sometimes surprising revelations from our own awakened, authentic life. Therefore we can journey into the Akashic Records, our own past, our future, new galactic heights and much more.

Both guided or silent meditation methods provide more access to developing our own intuition, our own wisdom and our connection with the Divine that is within us. AND you will be a new healthier you!

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