Holographic Healing: 3 Massive Mistakes Divine Seekers Make


That Keep Them In Chronic, Physical, and Emotional Pain


What is Holographic Healing? Join Marilyn Harper as she explains the fundamentals of a brand NEW! healing modality that incorporates energy work and etheric tools. PLEASE! Share this with your friends. It’s time that we all take responsibility for healing ourselves and assist in truly creating the new wellness paradigm.

This class is an Introduction to Holographic Healing Online Class.

We LOVE to hear from you? So… what do you think? Do you take responsibility for your own healing? Let us know in the comments below.

Joeaux Robey

2 thoughts on “Holographic Healing: 3 Massive Mistakes Divine Seekers Make

  1. Bree Collier says:

    Not sure what channel I am supposed to be on to ask questions about the Nov. 2nd webinar.
    so, going forward anyway…..
    Once you identify an emotional imbalance,or, perhaps it could very well stem from a cellular (past life) imbalance, what do you do with the knowingness? Can you get rid of the baggage by simply acknowledging it, ‘be gone you annoying old belief system”!, and expect it to be gone?

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