Happy to Make It Perfect

Happy to Make It Perfect

Origin to Ultimate

Hello. So happy to be here with you. Inspiration is all around us. Whenever you think, well, I want a message, I want a sign from something, you get it. I was asking the other day, ” I would like a new theme for a weekly message.” And I just happened to be walking through the studio, and I saw a flyer from Perfect Subs in Vista, California, that says, “We’re happy to make it perfect for you.”

I’m thinking, okay. And then Karl will come back over to another object and move it, and he’ll go, “Perfect. Then he will come back over to the curtain and smooth it down, just so the sparkles are just right in the camera lens. Then, finally, Greg will come over, and he’ll say, “Wait, we’re going to tweak your microphone just a bit ” To me, it may not feel any different, but what they’re doing is they’re making it a perfect picture for you.

Well, that’s what the universe does. That’s what God, source, whatever you’re calling that innate that is within you, that’s creating every step of your world. They’re making it perfect for you. God is happy to make it perfect for you. So with every thought, that’s where the definition of perfect comes in because you have a perfectionist, which in some people’s definition is not a good thing.

No Judgment

Well, that’s because they’re not a perfectionist, or maybe they are a perfectionist, or maybe they’re just perfect. So you see, that brings in judgment. And the judgment is what makes you think, well, this situation is not perfect when that situation is exactly what you created. You may not even be aware in your mind that there’s such a subtle difference in your energy when you shift something so slightly.

And it makes all the difference in the world because then the universe picks up your life, then the world is a better place for having you in it. You see, the universe, God, source, you, are always making it perfect for you, so get it. So when you’re thinking, and I know we talk about this all the time. So we don’t have to keep talking about it. “Oh, I’m not making it perfect for me.”

Do you see what just happened? I mean, you witnessed it right there. So I started talking about making it perfect for you and how we tell you all the time that your language, your thoughts, your heart center, they’re the purchase order to the universe. And the universe is just making it perfect for you based upon what your expectations are.

Purchase Order

And then I said, oh, well, get it, which is a negative. So change my awareness awareness bracelet on that, baby. You see, I believe that this world is created so perfectly for me to learn and to grow and to sail through life, with joy in my heart. And when I feel a bubble, contrast, or something that I can say, “Wow, what great information, I’m going to get that message, so I don’t have to do it again.”

That’s how the world, the universe, is happy to make your life perfect for you based on every purchase order you bring to it. And I am happy to help. Yes, life is happy to make life perfect for you, whatever that may mean. Think about that. Namaste y’all. Namaste.

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