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Take a 2-Day Personal Journey…

You are the architect of your own life experience…

Have you built your life EXACTLY as you want?
Do you have the courage to ACCEPT who you are in the Universe?
Are you AWAKE to your full potential?


  • An exploration of the great beyond… within you.
  • 2- full days of personal guidance from Adironnda & Company
  • The illuminating guided meditations of Marilyn Harper
  • A small, intimate circle of like-minded individuals
  • Toning, drumming, and rattling out anything that does not serve your Highest Good!
  • Emotional release in the form of tears (sometimes) and laughter (always)

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This retreat is part of our Great Awakening Tour of 2012… including many varied opportunities with Adironnda & Company and Marilyn Harper, in many cities across the U.S. for experiencing community within an awakening and awakened Planet. Pretty exciting? BE a part of this exciting time on the Planet – ignite your own wisdom!


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One thought on “THE GREAT AWAKENING Retreat!

  1. Pam & Virginia says:

    Thank you so very, very much for that magnificient retreat. I am a new person….or perhaps have just accepted my real person. The 5+ hour drive back to OK seemed less than one hour….Virginia and I had so much good stuff to talk about. Thank you for cracking me open. I have always been one to hold my really deep feelings inside, and it was way past time to let them go….to let me go.

    I (we) love you so much,
    Pam and Virginia

    If you ever need additional testimonials, you have my permission and highest blessings to use my name. You have helped me more than you can imagine!

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