Healing with the Selenite Swords of Light

selenite swords of light

Considering a Selenite Sword of Light?

This is one of the easiest to intuit, and simplest to use, healing crystal tools that we have ever encountered!

In fact, Selenite Swords of Light are a POWERFUL answer for healers who have found themselves blocked when it comes to using healing tools. For this single reason, they are also a strong, compelling answer for healers that easily pick up and apply tools.

We feel the multi-dimensional Selenite Swords of Light are an indispensable addition to any energy healers practice.

This video, 3 Common Blockages that STOP Healing Practitioners from Using Healing Tools, covers specifically WHY and WHAT the Selenite Sword is all about.

Watch this video to learn more about these Healing Swords and other amazing Tools of Light.


  • (Immediately) Marilyn, Tom, and Joeaux discuss the 3 blockages
  • (24:54) Tom shares tools he uses for confirming intuition and clearing out energy
  • (45:07) Marilyn shows off Tom’s new laser etched Selenite Swords with the Flower of Life
  • (49:40) Marilyn and Tom discuss details of a special once in a lifetime offer
  • (1:12:04) Tom demonstrates a powerful Light Body Activation with his Selenite Swords of Light
  • (1:27:17) We go into a LIVE Q&A with GREAT questions
  • (1:51:23) Adironnda comes in to give everyone an Activation with the Selenite Swords of Light

To see if the special offer is still available (by the time you are watching this) go to:


Note: Tom’s newest swords debut each year at this 3-day event. It’s always our largest selection.

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Marilyn and Joeaux



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