Here in my Jammies for YOU

Here in my Jammies for YOU

Hi, Marilyn Harper here. I’m looking for the wisdom that is within me. To share with you. You know what? The Wisdom is actually within you.

Looking For Answers

I know you always look to someone else for your answers or many times you look to someone else for your answers thinking that they’re smarter than you. I did the same thing. I’ve had somebody ask me, “If you have Adironnda, why do you have to go through all the stuff that you go through?” Well, part of what Adironnda does, is help me evolve, just like they help you evolve. They’re not here to just hand out answers. They’re here to help raise your energy, raise your vibration to help you feel what it feels like to be held in true unconditional love and to love you enough to nudge you just a little beyond your comfort zone.

Beyond Your Comfort Zone

When you’re beyond your comfort zone, that’s when you shift. Heh-heh, I’m beyond my comfort zone right now because I’m here in my pajamas recording this message because I want to record a message, and I want to be wise and brilliant and illuminating and create things that shift your consciousness, however, the only person that can shift your consciousness is you. Yep—you. You get the opportunity to take full responsibility for absolutely everything that happens in your life.

The Wisdom is Within YOU

I’m going to create the experience so I can “PLURK!” PLURK on a beach somewhere in the world. I’m going to create the experience that I can truly go interdimensional and dematerialize myself right here and materialize myself somewhere else. Bi-location. I’ve done it. Not with my body, though, and if you can do it without your body, why can’t you do it with your body. Everything is possible. You never know when I might pop in. Namaste, y’ll, namaste.
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The New Human

Kryon Teaching

Human nature is about to shift, and it will be the first time in any of your history where this has happened. More than a shift in Human nature, it is about to become new.

Psychologists will tell you that Human nature is static – that is to say, that it does not change. It simply “comes with being a Human Being.” Part of this study of psychology itself, requires that it is static so that it can be studied, and then many can benefit from the gathered knowledge. History reinforces this, and it will show that Human nature is responsible for the same kinds of fear and survival instinct over and over, and that it never changes.

History repeats itself in all its dysfunction, drama and war, and you can count on Human nature being the same. Often, when the very phrase “Human nature” is used, it’s in a negative connotation. This very fact shows you that even scholars realize that the intrinsic nature of Humans is flawed.

The idea of a real change in Human nature is, therefore, not seen as possible by the experts. It never changed, so why would it now? So this coming change is a tough idea to accept, for those who are scientifically minded, for there is no evidence yet of what we are calling “The Big Shift.” There is only evidence so far of coincidental shift, because these things happen slowly. Sometimes shift goes so slowly that you are not even aware of it, but it’s starting now.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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