High Heart Communication

high heart communication

High Heart Communication

Here I am in the Chicago airport. I know, every time you hear from me I’m probably in some airport. However, this is a little different because I’m missing my Adironnda necklace. I actually thought I had one at home; it must’ve fallen off my neck at some point or another, and then I sold the last one. And Joeaux sold the one off her neck in Indianapolis, and I’m shocked at how much I miss that Radiant Heart at my neck. That high heart energy.

It’s About Longing…

I am in the market for a silversmith, a jewelry maker…they’re made out of sterling silver. We may get the opportunity to shift that just a bit, because what I wanted to share with you was about longing and high heart communication. You know when you have a desire that things are different than they are, that’s what the Buddhists say is suffering.

And, I don’t know that my neck is suffering, but I feel like a part of me is indeed missing. And so it’s going to be interesting as we go through this next week in Crestone, CO, our Next Step Retreat, and then our Plurkshops for the three weekends after that; in Boston, San Jose, CA and Chicago, and then our Visionaries in Light Convergence.

If I have to go through ALL of those events and all of those activities without my Radiant Heart pendant…I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I’ve done searches and searches for many, many jewelers, and I have not found one yet. So if you want to help out and do a search, or if you know a jeweler who can make something in sterling silver, or is willing to make something in sterling silver, please let me know!

High Heart Energy

I know that the desire that things are different than they are is the key point to suffering, so I’m not desiring that they’re different. I am honoring the fact that my Radiant Heart pendant is on hundreds of necks throughout the world, maybe thousands, I don’t know…just bringing that energy from the high heart. And high heart communication.

As we bring that energy from the high heart, know that it actually helps combine the throat and the heart chakra, and as it combines the throat and the heart, you are more apt to communicate from your heart. So, I guess that’s what I get to focus on, my high heart, for the next few weeks, months, or however long it’s going to take us to get some more pendants.

I will focus on my high heart being in total, honest and clear communication with all who I might come in contact with, and not rely on any outside tools. I know Adironnda always says, “don’t count on outside tools all the time, because you might not have them” like my pendant.

Ah…I just love that Adironnda, don’t you? Namaste, y’all, from the Chicago airport, namaste.

Photo credit: Aaron Burden via Unsplash – Thank you!


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2 thoughts on “High Heart Communication

  1. DeeAnn says:

    Hi Marilyn! My name is DeeAnn. Just saw your video about your necklace! I do Art Metal Clay. it is pure silver. I would love the opportunity to try to design and make for you. Send me an email if interested! Lots of Love!!

  2. Barbara M. says:

    Wow Marilyn! Imagine all the amazing people you will be meeting because of your missing pendant! It may just show up unexpectedly! I know the feeling you are having. My favorite ring with 3 dolphins, that I’ve been wearing every day for years, disappeared one day and I missed it dearly. I searched everywhere I had been over a few days and I prayed to St. Anthony so often he was tired of listening to me whine. Finally I found it in my house and I was overjoyed. I believe I needed to learn to be more mindful because I misplaced something else that same week that I never found again. So, I’m learning to be more focused and in the moment and losing my ring then finding it again was a blessing. Namaste’

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