Hello, I’d like to introduce you to the following Professional Holographic Healers whom I have personality taught and certified.
I recommend these talented individuals for private Holographic Healing sessions. You can find out more about them and their contact info below.
-Marilyn Harper

Gary Brewer, Soul Integrators

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soulintegrators@gmail.com (864) 492-2553

Gary Brewer became aware of his ability to facilitate healing when he was 5 years old and his grandmother was pacing the floors at night because her hip was hurting. When he was a teenager, he found a like-minded group of people and began to learn from others and has been facilitating healing ever since studying anatomy and physiology. In 2016, Gary met Marilyn Harper and began to study Holographic Healing as a tool that would help enhance his talents and make it easier for him to serve a greater number of people. Gary’s area of focus is locating the original cause of his client’s dis-ease and his certifications include:

• Massage Therapy
• Reiki Master
• Esoteric Healing – Blue Pearl Level (from Alice Bailey’s work)
• Advanced Light Language (Mayan Sacred Geometry & Color)

Jacqueline Bilobrowka, Regarding Healing

bilobrowkaj@gmail.com (403) 796-5758

Jackie Bilobrowka started practicing healing with self-healing after her mother paved the way during her battle with cancer. Jackie is a teacher with a Master’s degree, with a focus in music, special education, and learning language. She is currently using multiple healing modalities in her own life. As she continues on her healing path, Jackie is eager to walk with others towards a more balanced, healed life. Her area of focus covers nerves, bones (including spinal injuries), depression, and anxiety, and her certifications include:

• Holographic Healing
• Reiki (Master Teacher level)
• Energy Medicine
• Shamanic Healing
• Sound Healing
• Selenite Sword

Kathy Stubbs, Jeremiel – Energetic and Spiritual Services

Jeremeil.vision@gmail.com (907) 310-4765

Kathy Stubbs lives in Alaska, about 240 miles from Denali, the highest peak in North America, known as the crowning chakra of the Earth. In January 2020, she enrolled in the Marilyn Harper’s Channelers Academy and has communicated 100 channels. She has become a successful Channeler, “a divine link” to beings of light. Kathy’s messages have come from the Council of Light, Masters, Archangels, Divine Feminine, Galactic beings of light and Elementals, and the Akashic Records. 

The messages come through when she is providing energetic distance services, as well, such as Holographic Healing, Healing Touch, Selenite Swords of Light, and other modalities. 

Kathy has been in the massage/energetic healing business since 2006.  Her unique talents, skills, and intuition assist her clients to go inward to discover and help free energetic restrictions and blockages, allowing for healing and balancing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of their body.

Kathy has earned a National Board Certified Massage Therapist (NCBTMB) membership and recognition, and her certifications include:

• Reiki Master
• Healing Touch (Level 5)
• Holographic Healing (5 levels)
• Selenite Swords of Light Mastery

Paula Letkeman, In The Light Healing

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manitoupeace@sasktel.net (306) 222-8473

Paula Letkeman has taken a holistic approach to health her entire life. After providing care for close family members through their long-term illnesses, she enrolled in Marilyn Harper’s Holographic Healing course in 2015. Paula believes that you can, in the light, heal and create a life you love. Her focus is to assist her clients on a path to a healthier version of themselves with the goal of diminishing emotional blockages and physical pain, and tapping into their own inner abilities and strengths that will lead them to creating a life they love. Her certifications include:

• Reiki
• Emotional Release Therapy

Vianne Tiffany, Soul Integrators

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soulintegrators@gmail.com (301) 352-5683

At age 7, Vianne Tiffany felt a sense of responsibility to humanity and knew that she had a calling without knowing what it was. It was three decades before she found Reiki , which became the gateway to concepts and practices that changed her life and her being. Vianne became a Reiki practitioner in 1995 and now uses other modalities, such as Holographic Healing and Divine Intervention for healing. Vianne’s focus is to assist healing in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies and to release all blocks to her clients’ well-being and spiritual evolution. Her current areas of giftedness include healing brains, nerves, bones, muscles, and connective tissues, while helping the client to heal, forgive, integrate, and reframe emotional and mental trauma. Her certifications include:

• Mary Network Healing
• Light Language (Mayan Sacred Geometry & Color)
• Web Working
• Divine Intervention