Holographic Healing is exercising and developing your own innate ability to see sense, feel, hear, and know what is inside your emotional, physical, or even mental body, or that of others in the process of facilitating healing.

Through creative visualization you learn to experience the inter-dimensional workings of the entire body. Holographic Healing™ is truly expanding your intuition and your ability to consciously set your intention to be whole and healthy, while removing any obstacles associated with that pure intention.

While working with the magnified energy of Adironnda & the Council of Light, Marilyn Harper (with whom They call the conduit of healing energy) returns the recipient’s personal being to a place of balance.

The boundaries or limitation of Holographic Healing™ is yet unknown, since intention is the key factor. We see the infinite possibilities of the human body and acknowledge true, deep, holistic healing.

In many cases, the physical shift of the bones, organs or internal workings of the body could be a bit uncomfortable as “they” move into a place of perfect alignment.

Therefore the healing experience may indeed, take multiple sessions. In the past the shift or healing requires a more intensive schedule in the beginning. It is sometimes requested the first few sessions are 2-3 days apart. As the body gets “used” to being in alignment, the separation in-between sessions is then extended, moving from 2-3 days to 4-5 days, then a week, then two weeks and eventually not at all unless there is a “tune-up” that is necessary.

We have found no rhyme or reason as to how many session or how often the sessions will need to be scheduled. That is why, when multiple sessions are scheduled at the same time, there is a discount given for the multiple sessions. This schedule will be suggested (or not, if it isn’t necessary) during the first or second session with Adironnda & the Council.

If you have questions, please contact Marilyn directly at info@adironnda.com with the subject of HOLOGRAPHIC HEALING.

On another note!

It is our intention to teach people how to experience Holographic Healing on their own; therefore we have set up classes teaching exactly that!

Holographic Healing Body Mastery

The first class was in 2016 and incorporated 19 days of daily classes and activations lasting about 1¼ hour each. Then, in addition to that, there were 4 – 2-hour classes.

For certification the student is required to document 60 hours of practice, plus have completed at least 2 other healing modality classes, i.e. Reiki I, Quantum Touch, Psych-K, Re-connective Therapy or of course, there are lots of other healing modalities.

Holographic Healing Level Body Mastery is available as an on-line course

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Holographic Healing Akash Mastery

In Holographic Healing Akash Mastery we will learn more completely how to interpret the emotional core of any ailment moving easily through the Akashic Records or that of the programs of the recipient. This is part of the RECORDED Holographic Healing™ series with Marilyn Harper. *Holographic Healing™ Body Mastery is NOT a prerequisite for this course.

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Holographic Healing Quantum Vision Mastery

Developing your Quantum Vision – 21 Day Intensive

Can be taken separately or in conjunction with Body Mastery and Akash Mastery. It is not dependent upon the information previously covered, although it would be helpful to have experienced Body Mastery.

In Holographic Healing; Quantum Vision Mastery we will delve deeper into the body. Participants will have a more complete understanding of your own unique way of receiving your information using your own innate abilities. We will accelerate your ability to see, sense, feel, hear or know the human body and exactly how to remotely view inside your own body or your client’s body.

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Holographic Healing Practicing Mastery

Developing your Technique – 21 Day Intensive

Just released. Can be taken separately or in conjunction with Body Mastery, Akash Mastery and/or Quantum Vision Mastery. It is not dependent upon the information previously covered, although it would be helpful to have experienced Body Mastery.

In Holographic Healing™ Practicing Mastery we will help you to PRACTICE the necessary skills to heal yourself and others by enhancing your intuitive abilities to see, sense, hear, feel, and know. Each day will include a different case study. You can volunteer your own health issue, or a client’s. You’ll develop the innate ability to view “things” remotely. This creates a more pro-active way of understanding the source of physical pain and dis-ease so that you can describe it (if necessary), get directly to its core, and even visualize the healing process.

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