Holographic Healing: Prevents the Inheritance of Ancestral Diseases

Surely, we inherit some physical traits from our ancestors. From the color of the eyes, the shape of the nose, to the color of the skin or hair. It’s debatable, however, when it comes to disease. Dis-ease.

Marilyn Harper is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer. It is her belief that diseases are not passed on from one generation to the next. Marilyn’s gift of holographic healing, utilizes techniques that repair and bring balance to “inherited” traits.

In the video below, Marilyn explains why we actually do not inherit dis-ease from our parents.

So, here I am.

Yes! Now, you know my secret… I do some of these weekly messages a group at a time, so I can think of some sort of theme. I’m here, still, in my mother’s home. I’m sitting in front of my grandfather and his wife on their wedding day, and my parents (my mother and father) on their wedding day. They were married 65 years, so I’ve got some pretty good prototypes, pretty good examples of what love can be.

We do not inherit disease

Our ancestors may pass down certain physical traits. Detached earlobes is a physical trait. Blue eyes is a physical trait, brown eyes, brown hair, white hair. Shape can be a physical trait. Disease is not.

Disease is something that we believe can be passed down. Now, I’m still investigating those diseases that they say are inherited. I’m not quite buying it. Everything is energy, right? Illness has an emotional core. If it has an emotional core, that emotional core can be released.

Physicality can be rearranged

Physicality can be rearranged, because it is still just energy. That’s what I do in holographic healing, which is a new thing that I’m working with. You see, we may inherit certain things from our ancestors. My mother’s nose is shaped a lot like mine. My father has a pug nose, so did my sister.

However, both of my parents had knee replacement surgeries. That is not my reality. So I get the opportunity to rearrange my own behavior to accommodate that reality.

‘We do not inherit disease’ – Marilyn Harper

So what are your beliefs about what you are receiving from your ancestors, from your parents, as it would be?

Be prepared for the changes in your world. You do not inherit sickness. You do not inherit pain. You do not inherit the learned instincts that were imprinted on you as a child.

You may only inherit the shape of your nose. Think about that.

Namaste y’all,


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