Honoring Your Spirituality [#141]

Honoring Your Spirituality

Adironnda Answers

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This week’s featured Q&A comes from a Double Digits member…

Q: Someone I respect told me I am too serious about my Spiritual work; how can I do better with Spiritual work?

Channeled from Adironnda through Marilyn Harper:

A: How could you do better? Do you do it? Then you’re doing it. Are you too serious about it? Then laugh more. You see, many times, people believe that they have to convince other people that their practice would be suited for others. And that is not the case.

Now, if you are militant about it, if you are adamant that everyone on the planet needs to adapt your Spiritual practice and technique, you might be a bit too serious. If you are wallowing in Spirit, rolling around in the love of you, and the elevation of true enlightenment.

Spirit is very funny.

To have a vision of you wallowing around it could get a little chuckle here and there, but you’re not going to necessarily convince someone else that your way is the right way. So understand that everyone has an opinion.

They’re a bit like noses. Everyone’s got one.

So it is all right to approach your Spirituality with honor and sacredness. If that works for you, then why let others take your power away? Once again, stand in yourself as to what works for you, Dearest. And know that what works for you may or may not work for someone else. But that doesn’t make them any less human, any less Spiritual, or any less committed to their practice.

All you can do is allow your Spiritual growth to be seen without defending it, and you can do that wherever you are.Adironnda & The Council of Light

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