How Do You Get Out of a Creative Slump?

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Get Out of a Creative Slump and Spark Inspiration

Hi, it’s Joeaux.

I’m just out here walking around amongst the trees. You know, recently, I had somebody ask me, “How do you get out of a creative slump?” And, I thought,” Oh, that’s a good one. That took me a while to learn.”

And what I do is I just stop. If you’re trying to be creative, it’s just not gonna happen. So I just stop what I’m doing, and I do what I’m doing now. I come out, and I go for a hike. I get on my bike, I take my dog out, and we play ball. You know, just get away from the idea of trying to be creative. Even meditation is good.

And then when you come back, it’s almost like you tricked your ego, that you don’t need to be creative, you can just connect straight with source energy, and go right into that state of creation. Some of the best things, the best ideas I’ve had just come to me while I’m out walking.

Inspiration Tree

@ Joeaux RobeyAnd in fact, I wanna share one of the things that I recently saw in my yard is this tree. Isn’t it amazing? Now, this is a tree that was struck by lightning, who knows how long ago. I mean it’s a pretty old tree. But one day, I walked out to this tree, and I started looking at it. I looked from this side, and on this side of the tree, I could see the valley.

And then I walked over to this side of the tree, and I was just in awe of like the bark because it’s all twisted and it’s beautiful. I mean it is just like phenomenally nature’s painting. Check that out. It’s just amazing. And I got this idea to put a labyrinth around it. So then anytime I got a creative block, I could just walk the labyrinth.

And that’s how it works.

An idea out of a creative slump.

Because I walked away from an idea.

So one day, I’ll share the labyrinth with you or you could come to Crestone and walk it with me. Namaste.
How do you get out of a creative slump? Leave your comments below.

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