How Randy Luna Channels

How Randy Luna Channels

Musical Messages

Marilyn: Hello, Randy.

Randy: Hello, Marilyn. How are you?

Marilyn: I am wonderful.

Randy: Good.

Marilyn: I teach the Channeler’s Academy. I teach people all about channeling, and you channel in a completely different way. I mean, when we do the Double Digits, I’ve watched you, I’ve seen you, I’ve been next to you, and I’ve felt the change in energy.

What do you do while playing the keyboard during the Double Digits?

Randy: Wow. I’m not exactly sure until I go back and watch it again. I open up when a message is coming through, a musical message comes through, and I let that start controlling me. Then, when I sit down, especially if people watch the first note, they’ll see I draw the Cho Ku Rei symbol in each hand.

I’m a Reiki master, so I put that to give a little extra boost. Then I start connecting with the channel, and whatever is the warmest part of the keyboard, that’s where I’m supposed to go.

Sometimes I’m here, sometimes I’m up here, and it’s like, this is where I’m supposed to go. I then surrender to the universe; it takes over when I hit that first note; I’m not in control anymore. That’s when it’s coming through, so whatever happens, after that note is all channeled. Does that make sense?

Influenced by Spirit

Marilyn: Yeah, it makes perfect sense. You don’t prepare anything ahead of time?

Randy: Zero, zero.

Marilyn: Don’t even think about it ahead of time?

Randy: I don’t even think. I just know that we’re going to do a meditation. That’s all I know. Yeah. And I don’t want to know because you get preconceived things in your head, and it can control you. Like when you teach channeling, you step completely out of the way.

You do that because Spirit is going to talk to you at that point, and that’s what I want. I don’t want to be influenced at all in there. So when I hit that first note,

I’m out, and then the Spirit is controlling at that point.

Marilyn: So you’re kind of a trance channel.

Randy: I guess.

Marilyn: I’m a trance channel; I know when we both stop, it takes a minute for us to gather ourselves.

Randy: Yeah, it’s strange. When I let the Spirit come in, everything flattens into like a little linear plane, and that’s where I go. So once we come out of it, I have to open back up and kind of come back. It takes a few minutes to come back where it’s like, “Whoa, take a deep breath.” Adironnda always says.

Marilyn: Yes.

Deep Breath

Randy: Take that deep breath, kind of center yourself, and then you end up crying.

Marilyn: All the time. Yeah.

Randy: I end up just breathing and letting that energy keep going. That’s what I love.

Marilyn: It’s a fascinating, absolutely fascinating process.

Randy: It is.

Marilyn: A fascinating process that you and I have when we come together because I can’t hear what you’re playing because I’m in channel, and you can’t hear what I’m saying.

Randy: I know you’re saying words, but I don’t know what you’re saying.

Marilyn: If you watch it, our movements and our music go perfectly together.

Randy: Which is strange because a lot of the time, my eyes are closed, especially on the really deep parts. And I notice, in meditation, every now and then I’ll get to a point, and I’ll have to take a really deep breath, and I don’t know why. I don’t know if it’s like new energy coming in or what is happening. So normally, if I’m really getting into it, but my eyes are closed, so I don’t even know. It’s like we’re up above. It’s on another level where that energy is, and that’s where I’m residing at that point.

Marilyn: Well, I have to say, I thank you. I am thankful to Karen for 25 years ago or 30 years ago introducing us.

Randy: That’s right.

Marilyn: And I’m thankful that you are working with us and playing with us.

Randy: I’m very thankful you allow me to work with you because this is what we need to do, is the whole idea of this is to get the message across to people in the universe of peace and love. And that’s what I want to do.

Marilyn: That’s the deal. That’s it. And there you have it. Thank you.

Namaste, y’all. Namaste.

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