How to Activate Your Love Vortex

Here’s another spiritual message from Marilyn Harper to assist in navigating the craziness of 2017 – that is, to activate your love vortex! : )

What will activating your love vortex do for you?

You might be surprised!

Watch Marilyn’s video below for a short, concise, explanation of the benefits of activating your own love vortex.

Hi again!

The 2nd method that Adironnda mentioned to us, way back on New Year’s Day, to assist in making it through the craziness of 2017, is to activate your own love vortex. (You may remember the 1st: To Find Inner Peace)

What does activating your own love vortex means?

Now again, I might say, like, “What does that mean?” But if you look at a situation, any given situation, and ask the question, “Well, what would love do in this situation?”, it gets a little easier. If you’re coming up against someone that is challenging for you, if you just hold them in as much unconditional love as you can, the relationship smooths out a little bit.

I know, I know. Sometimes you think, “Okay, I’m not gonna hold my second husband with unconditional love.”

But when you don’t, it only hurts you. So you might as well.

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You see, when you hold all things in as much love as possible, other things around you entrain to that love vortex of energy.

Try it sometime.

You know, when you’re standing in line somewhere, or in a group of friends… Just hold in your heart that essence of love as you’re responding to someone and see what happens. It could be fun!

Namaste y’all,


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