How to Channel Even If You (Think You) Can't 2.0


EVERYONE has the innate ability to communicate with Spirit, or God, or your Higher-Self, or Higher-Consciousness, or whatever you want to call the energy that is the bigger YOU. In fact, your innate is communicating with you now. (You just haven't learned to pay attention.) 

Channeling is not a gift. It's more like a muscle that requires a solid training program. 
If you are ready to flex that "bigger picture" muscle, we have the "workout routine"!

HOW TO CHANNEL EVEN IF (YOU THINK) YOU CAN'T is a 1-day hands-on, plurkshop (play + work) that will have you understanding your innate abilities and how to connect to Higher Consciousness by the end of the day.

In fact, participants have walked away from HOW TO CHANNEL EVEN IF (YOU THINK) YOU CAN'T realizing their life purpose, and with greater confidence in trusting the Universe.  When you know you can get your own answers, everything changes!  AND as a result, you have a direct impact on changing the mass consciousness of humanity! After all, it's the BIG picture!

Trust the Universe
Identify Intuition vs. Imagination
Release Blockages
Thousands of people (just like you) have had amazing results with this program! 

"I took your one-day class in Sedona and it was AMAZING. Fun, easy to understand, and I loved the step-by-step process you shared to help us find our own way of 'hearing' our own guidance.  I look forward to 'working out' with my intuitive muscles."

Erin, British Columbia, Canada

Marilyn and Adironnda, I was truly surprised by the "updated software" in my brain. I honestly have no idea how that happened, because I actually felt something in my head and then I seemed somehow clearer in my messages.  When I practiced 'reading' the crystal, I was shocked that the crystal seemed to talk to me and I actually somehow heard information to share with my partner." 

Laura, Italy

WOW, Marilyn & Joeaux and of course Adironnda, I wasn't familiar with your work before the Summer Light Conference with Kryon-Lee Carroll and I was blown away by you both and the channeling with Adironnda and the Council. In the Channeling class for the first time ever, I saw things AND more important, I heard things.  My Higher Self, is beginning to come in loud and clear, or at least louder and clearer than I thought possible."

Michael, CA

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Imagine what a "knowing" can do for you!

Channel Your Own Solutions
Tap into your Creator Intuition
"Check In" with Your Guidance

The first step is simply to let go of anything that is in your conscious or subconscious mind that is stopping you from connecting with innate.

The second step is to understand the difference between what your innate is communicating versus what your ego is creating.

Finally, when you realize  that you are connecting with your innate, and understanding the truth, everything becomes transparent and clear. 

Are you "awake" and seeking "the bigger picture"? This is for you...

Anyone Can Do This!

HOW TO CHANNEL EVEN IF (YOU THINK) YOU CAN'T is a step-by-step process that will: 

Give you the confidence to know your truth - You'll learn a simple little trick of "checking-in" with your Guidance system to immediately be clear on what is best for YOU.

Bring more peace to your life - You'll get the fastest, most reliable tool of all to channel your own answers and you can do this anywhere, 24/7! No more waiting for advice. You'll know that you know.

Activate the "bigger" you - When you tap into Higher Consciousness you ARE a beacon of light.  This IS Creator Intuition. Greater solutions are more than anything you could ever imagine.

Keep you "on purpose" - When you are connected to the "bigger picture" you know who you are, and why you're here. You know your purpose - and THAT is joy.

Support you every step of the way - Our day together includes tools, group exercises, homework for practicing, and a message from Adironnda especially for your group. 

Now's the time! Humanity is moving forward, the energy is perfect for everyone to begin tapping into their own unique innate abilities AND assist through mass consciousness in the evolution of the Planet. 

Featuring all NEW Exercises for 2020!
A 1-day Plurkshop (play+work)

with Marilyn Harper & Joeaux Robey

Most HOW TO CHANNEL 2.0 classes are held on Mondays, following Kryon Stay-at-Home Experience.

Only $122/person online

Financial support is available if you're not feeling abundant.

Master Your Intuition at our 2020 Adironnda Monday Plurkshop (play + work)

Learn the Secret Channelers Use to Tap Into Their Innate Abilities

Master Innate and Always Be On Purpose

Why Take this Class
with Marilyn Harper?

"If I can channel, anyone can channel." ~ Marilyn

Marilyn Harper has been a professional channel since 1999. She has helped thousands of people to awaken their own intuitive muscles, to connect with those energies from the Light who reside within the realm of your Higher Self. Using the same method she uses to channel Adironnda and The Council of Light, she's created a series of exercises and activations so others can experience their innate abilities. With practice, you will gain the confidence to share the messages you receive.

Most channeling classes teach one technique. We, along with Adironnda, teach you how to discover your own technique to connect with your Higher Consciousness and know that feeling so you can repeat the connection. 

Who is Adironnda and The Council of Light?

Adironnda is a spokes Being from the 17th Dimension, representing a Council of Masters that once walked the Earth. "They" fondly refer to Marilyn as "the vessel" and "Divine link" that channels their messages. Adironnda brings forth the feeling of unconditional love, the secrets of the Universe, and the true purpose of life. It's not essential that you believe in "them" to derive benefits from their information.

" have to hand it to you.  I wasn't too excited about this workshop, it was more expensive, and I didn't think I knew how to channel. YET, I had so much fun in the information that presented and then I was actually surprised that after I left the workshop I noticed I was more intuitively guided without even trying to channel.  In short, I had fun AND must have somehow learned something.  Thank you!  When is your next workshop?" 

Steven, Canada

"I love you, I love your work, I will go anywhere with you!  I always learn new things and have a blast doing it." 

Diane, NY

Here's what you get:

5 hours of step-by-step group instruction - Marilyn Harper uncovers the secrets that she personally discovered to tapping into her own Higher Consciousness. Her method of teaching is fun and easy and her goal is for EVERYONE to do this!

Like minded people to practice with - You will meet a room full of people just like you! Connect with your Higher Consciousness AND like minded people from your area. Who better to practice with?

Exercises to do on your own - Once you know WHAT to do, and have EXPERIENCED the connection, then you need to exercise that intuitive muscle. The training doesn't end here... you'll have specific step-by-step practices to take home.

Intuitive "software download" - Right out of the gate, Marilyn will guide you through an activation meditation that acts like a software download in your physical body to open up your channeling connection. 

Audio Recording of Adironnda and the Council of Light - At the end of our day together, Adironnda will come in and bring a message especially for you and your group. You will receive a recording of the channeling so you can listen again and again.