How to Create Anything

Mediation Flow

Hi. I was thinking earlier today in my meditation, and this came in, do things flow into your meditation? Do you meditate? Do you write after you meditate? I always write after I meditate, if at all possible. Joeaux gets a lot of fantastic information in her journaling and her automatic or guided writing after she meditates, and I do as well.

Learning New Ways

What came in my meditation this morning, was all the new ways that we’re doing our events. We’re all learning new things learning to stand back six feet from everybody, and some of us are learning to wear masks. Everyone is learning all this new energy. Usually every Friday we get on a plane and every Monday or Tuesday we get on another flight, go to some city and meet wonderful people in person like you.

Presenting the Information

And now we’re here in Branson doing our live events online called Livestream, and it’s been amazing. I love Branson, but we’re not getting to meet all the wonderful people. It’s been fantastic for my brain to think of the new ways to present the information fascinatingly and interestingly without the feedback of an audience saying, “No, I don’t get it,” or, “Yes. Oh yeah, I get that,” smiling and nodding and communicating without saying anything. And so it’s a matter of learning new things. Joeaux and I were talking about how we teach How to Channel Even if You Think You Can’t course that we do when we travel with Lee Carroll, and it was still amazing how much people got from it. It’s always amazing.

Taking on Challenges

June 20-21, we will be live streaming online, presenting Everything Is Possible a new Plurkshop, (play+work=plurk). This Plurkshop was previously planned for Houston, TX. Now we are doing it Livestream, and we see how we can create excitement, energy, and as many profound transformations as possible as we do in the in-person events. We are excited about doing that, and it’s almost like a challenge. I know some of us to love challenges, and some of us don’t love challenges. Still, it’s like that challenge of increasing the energy and the information and the feeling because it’s all about the feeling when you’re doing manifesting.

Starts with a Feeling

I mean, Everything Is Possible. The subtitle is how to create anything. Right? Absolutely. And so it’s all about that. And how do you create anything? It starts with the feeling, how do we get people to experience that feeling when they’re sitting in their living rooms, eating popcorn, while watching the Livestream video?

New Ideas

I am figuring it out, and so is Joeaux, and it is going to be so exciting that we’ll have new ideas. Plus, people from all over the world can attend an event online that they usually would have to fly someplace and pay for a hotel room and pay for all their food and everything. And instead, it’s like it’s magic. I love it. Everything Is Possible. I am going to learn and teach how to create anything.

Everything is Possible

I’m so excited. And we just talked about it today. So I’m like, “How can I help? What are we doing?” We are redirecting the entire energy to let everyone as many people as possible know that with this planet’s frequency these days, Everything Is Possible. And anything you choose can be created. Isn’t that cool? Namaste y’all. Namaste.

We love hearing your feedback and reading your comments! How have you learnt to create experiences you wish to have in your life? Be sure to leave us your answer and thoughts below.

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