How to Get More Done in Less Time

how to get more done in less time

How to Get More Done in Less Time

Hi Joeaux Robey here. Would you like to know how to get more done in less time?

I know, this is a subject that’s near and dear to my heart and Marilyn’s as well. Because we have so many ideas and so many things we want to share and there doesn’t seem to be enough time do everything we want to do.

Bodies Like a Clock

Well, I started thinking about it and I thought, you know our bodies are like a clock, right? I mean they tells us when to eat, it tells us when to sleep, it tells us when to go to the bathroom. It lets us know emotionally when things are out of balance. It’s like a finely tuned clock and our breath is like the engine of that clock, it’s like the gears of that clock.

When you slow down your breath, it’s like turning back the hands of time. It’s actually slowing down the clock, which allows you to get more done in less time.

Three Stages of Breath

There’s three stages to our breath. There’s the Inspiration, right, which we love that word because the IN-spiration is what’s inspiring us to get more done. And there’s the Exhalation, which is when you are releasing your breath, when you are releasing, you know, whatever is in your body. Then there’s this magical thing called the still point which is between the in and the out.

And the next time you feel like you don’t have enough time to get things done. Slow down your breath and pay attention to that still point. You see what happens is every time you take a breath; it’s pumping oxygen into your lungs and your lungs are then pumping oxygen into your blood. Which is like the fuel in your body. Its energizing your neurons, which is causing them to be healthy and happy and that’s actually delaying the aging process. That’s one way your body is actually slowing down the hands of time.

Pay Attention to the Still Point

The next time you find yourself not having enough time, let’s say you got a doctor’s appointment and you are running late, stop. Take a deep breath, pay attention to the still point, pay attention to the exhalation, do that like four or five times. Then get in the car and go to the doctor’s office. And see what happens. You may find that you arrive minutes earlier than you thought you were going to, you may find that the universe magically rearranged things for you, like the doctor was running late so now you are actually on time for your appointment.

Set a Time Limit

The other thing I realized is that, if you have a project you’re working on, something that you need to get done quickly. If you set a time limit on it, there is just something magical that happens in your brain if you say, “OK, I have 15 minutes to get this video put together,” and you stick to it, magically you get the video done in 10 minutes I mean, it’s really amazing how it works. So, remember the next time you need to get more done in less time slow down your breath, because slowing down is actually speeding up.That was easy.

Namaste y’all, Namaste.

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One thought on “How to Get More Done in Less Time

  1. Adis says:

    This is wonderful. You finally put it into words we can all understand.
    For me, the “setting a time limit” to a project (as suggested above) translates as writing a list. For some reason, when I need to get things done if I write down a list and the first thing that happens is that I relax…. Something in me tells me that that list is going to get done and that everything is going to be allright.
    And then I tackle one task at a time until it is all finished and the best thing about it is that the stress is gone from the very beginning.
    The minute I write the list, things start to calm down. Before I know it, all of the chores, assignments etc are done and I feel relieved.
    I am not implying that this works for everybody,,,, It works for my personality type and somehow I relate it to Joeaux’ blog above.
    Thanks again, dear beloved,

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