Have an Amazing Day

how to have an amazing day

How to Have an Amazing Day

Hey, it’s Joeaux. You wanna know how to have an amazing day every single day? It’s so simple. So, here it is.

Start your day with intention. Like, just take a few seconds before you get out of bed to think about what kind of day you wanna have. Because see, what that does is that helps you to live on purpose, and with purpose.

Why Are You Here?

So, let me ask you a question. Are you here on planet Earth now just to get by, just to struggle? Or are you here on planet Earth now to have a heck of a time, to dance and sing and have fun and enjoy and celebrate? Because you know, every day that we are alive is such a miracle. And it’s also a choice. And you are in control of it, I believe, a lot more than you think you are, at least that’s what I found.

Becoming Grateful

It wasn’t too long ago, maybe 12, 13 years ago, that I didn’t wanna be on planet Earth. I didn’t put it in those terms, but I really did not want to be here. And then, I discovered this little thing called gratitude. I started to become grateful for everything in my life. And I started to realize that the universe became grateful for me back. And then, I started to realize that, wow, I had a lot more control than I thought I did. And then, I realized not only that, but I could do this every single day of my life. I could live on purpose, with purpose, simply by deciding what my intention for the day was.

Daily Intention

So, I encourage you to do the same. In fact, you can stop this video right now and put your intention for the day down in the comment box below, and I will shoot it “the juice.” I want you to have an amazing day.

I’ll support it, because I would love to see more and more people get into the habit of living life on purpose and with purpose, and realizing what an amazing world this is and how every day can be an amazing day. Namaste, y’all. Namaste.


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10 thoughts on “Have an Amazing Day

  1. Cynthia Callahan says:

    It is my intention to feel like Wonder Woman today, to get done the things I want to get done without frustration. Frustration is too often stepping out into my path, but today I intend to look at it and say ‘Hello”, walk around it, and as I pass by, say firmly “Not today!!!”.
    I am open to all the help available! Thank you! Namaste .

  2. Annelize says:

    Hopefully it’s not too late, Joy please give your juice to this intention.
    Like You Tatiana Manaois
    Much appreciated

  3. Linley says:

    Intention for tomorrow:
    To continue to carry pure love-energy with me, on me, and around me everywhere I go. To continue emitting love and gratitude for all.
    Thank you energy states for all you do. Thank you vibrations.
    Thank you Joeaux Robey for the pure love you share.

  4. Sandee says:

    Today I intend: to plurk en-joy, to lighten up, to be filled with vital energy, that my thinking and speaking be sharp and efficient, my right knee to function in good health, and coherence with my Higher Self! I hereby claim and accept my benevolent gifts and discernment from the Presence of Oneness!

  5. Helen says:

    I intend to have fun today doing group Plyo class, and I intend to HAVE FUN planning my new house and kitchen today.

  6. Cat says:

    My intention for today is to remember who I truly am and to live from that place, shining my light with love. . Namaste, y’all!

  7. Cristal Bentley says:

    Recently I have been going through severe optical shingles with neuralgia around my head . Through out the worst of it my perception was in a state of surrender.I have experienced such a blessed space, cleared many past life traumas from my cellular memory, communicated with yogis and masters and was shown exactly how we create our reality when we focus positively or negatively on any given thing in our attention range. Also the importance of being in the now moment. Gratitude for everything is Huge as everything we draw into our reality is chosen by us to see something About Us! What an Awesome experience I chose to give My self. Create purposefully guys.

  8. Ineke says:

    Today I am going to have an awesome day and be gratefull for the food and drinks I take,
    so they can enhance my body and energy system.

  9. Carol Daly says:

    My intention for tonight is to have deep, refreshing sleep. And awaken with sense of peace and wonderful expectancy for the day. A day filled with gratitude and joy in my accomplishments!

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