How to Have More Time in Your Life

how to have more time in your life

How to Have More Time in Your Life

Hi, it’s Joeaux again. Last week we talked about how to get more done in less time. Today I wanna talk about how to have more time in your life. It’s very similar but it’s a little bit different. It’s all in the breath. It’s the same in that… but it’s an understanding of what your breath is doing.

Creating More Time with Consciousness

You see when you relax, you sink into your breath and you become highly conscious of your breath. Like in meditation, you’re slowing down things. And when you slow down things, it’s like turning back the hands of time. You’re actually creating more time in your life.

I think I mentioned last week that for every minute that you meditate, you actually add at least one more minute to your lifespan. Now, that doesn’t mean that if you meditate 12 hours per day you’re gonna add 12 hours to your life. At some point, you have to be realistic about it. Right? But if you can meditate 10-20 minutes every day, if you can meditate five minutes before you go into a project, if you can learn to meditate when you’re sitting at a light while you’re driving your car, if you learn to make meditation a strong part of your life, you actually start slowing down time.

A New Breathing Technique

Who doesn’t want more time? You hear it all the time. People are on their deathbed and the one wish that they all talk about is that they had had more time to spend with their loved ones.

So, I wanna teach you a little technique that I learned just recently to ensure that you’re actually making the most of your breath. You see, most of us are breathing up in our chest. And in order to really be effective, you wanna breathe really deep down in your diaphragm.

Breathing Deep in Your Diaphragm

And I know when I started this, I didn’t get it. It’s like I AM breathing. I can remember laying on the massage table and the masseuse said, “Take a deep breath.” And I thought I took a really deep breath and she said, “No, no. Down here in your belly.”

She showed me at that time that if you put the palms of your hand on your belly and you just have your two middle fingers touching and you focus on your breath and you breathe in, they should be together. You take a deep breath, they should be together. And when you breathe out, they should actually pull apart a little. That’s how you know for sure you’re breathing deep down in your diaphragm.

Another Benefit of Meditation

And if you’re gonna make this a part of your daily habit to actually create more time in your life, you may as well be doing it right. So, if you want more time, remember, meditate more. Time and your breath are interlinked. (That was easy!)

Namaste y’all, Namaste.

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