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Portland, ME InnerActive Weekend

Recorded June 30, 2018

This recording is also available on Kryon’s site here. The transcription is of Marilyn’s channeling of Adironnda only.
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Adironnda speaks:

So it is good day to you, eh? Very good to see your energy, your love, your light, your brightness, your radiant glow. For those of you we have not met, we are Adironnda, and we bring with us an entire council of beings. As our dear Lee says, we also want to go on record, Ha! to let you know that we came to our vessel Marilyn from the outside. In the beginning, she did not know who Lee Carroll was, if you can imagine such a thing, she did not know who Kryon was, and she did not believe in channeling until we showed up on scene. And one of our very first transmissions in 1999 was to Google (it was brand new then in 1998) was to Google: Indigo Children by Carroll, and our vessel Marilyn did not did not even know that he or the book existed. So understand that you each are predictions of the future as well. You each are holding that energy of wondrousness within you. You each are moving forward, and it is our job to help you understand that you are held in total and complete unconditional love.

Take a deep breath.

Kryon Mastery CardsWe ask our vessel Marilyn to draw some words of wisdom from the Mastery Deck from Kryon since we are indeed related there. And of course she drew one card and thought, “well, that does not—they know this,” and she drew another and it was the same, and she drew another, and it was the same. So she surrendered. She is a little stubborn sometimes.

Are you?

Well, this one’s for you. EXIST and LOVE GOD. My goal, reel us in dearest, my goal and life purpose is simply to exist and love God. The love of God creates passion and purpose within my life. Now understand that in that energy, if you have a difficult time with the word God, get over it because that is you. You are the source of all that is, and you are the source of all that is not. You are the God that is within you. For that energy, you can call that energy Source or Spirit or The Mystery or, we don’t care, call it Barbara. It is all the same. You understand what we say because we are here to help you understand then realize who you are? There is no discrepancy any longer and of course our vessel Marilyn being that wondrous, enlightened, stubborn individual, she said, “well, let me just draw one more card. Just in case.”

It is blank.

For you see you are all things, all things. You are the creator of your world. You are the essence of this planet. You are the understatement and the understanding and the glorious magnification of every thought, every idea, every inkling that that ever pass through your heart, and it is wondrous that now science is proving that. So what is passing through your heart? How wondrous you are? We hope so. If not, we’ll keep keep coming back just to tell you, eh? For you see, that radiant energy around your life force in your heart center, that creates every aspect of you.

We recently had a gathering on a sacred lake in Arkansas of all places, and one person had trauma, drama going on in her life. This person was upset, and that person was creating an energy. This person was creating an illness in her heart. This person was creating that. And she kept saying this person and that person and yet every time she pointed, she had three fingers pointing back at herself. And that is the key. We know sometimes it is difficult to understand that you are indeed 100% responsible for absolutely everything that happens in your life. We know sometimes you say, “Rats, I don’t like that part.”

Too Bad.

Now, when you create that essence of drama in your life, it is there for you to learn, grow, and experience. It is there for you to accommodate that energy. It is there for you to acknowledge that information and say, “Tsk, what is this message?” When did I feel like this before? What is the real issue? Because the issue is never the issue. There’s a real issue. And everytime you think to yourself, “Oh, I know that answer. I don’t have to pay attention to this issue. I know that.” And you really don’t know because you need to look deeper. You each are the way-showers of humanity. Do you know that? One shook their head. You are the way-shower of humanity.

Now you know.

You are creating the new vibration of humanity. That is why we are here. For You. It is time dearest that you know that your purpose is to simply be to exist and because of that radiance in your heart that existence expands so that everything around you feels the essence of God within you, or Barbara, either one. Trust yourself dearest, for we love you so much. We came all this way just for you. We honor you. As soon as you trust yourself, you will indeed know how to live.

Namaste. Namaste.

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