How To Manifest Whatever You Desire

How To Manifest Whatever You Desire

How to Manifest Whatever You Desire

Marilyn: I have a voice! A little voice, but I still have a voice.

Joeaux: You do. And after a full weekend here in Houston, Texas…where we met AGAIN, the most amazing people with our friend, K8.

Marilyn: It’s so fascinating because what we’re teaching in our Plurkshops (play + work = plurk), is a method for manifestation. They are really spectacular. They are so much fun. People learn so much. And we’re restructuring that ‘how to manifest whatever you desire method’ because the way we manifest is much simpler than other people do.

The Simple Way to Manifest

Joeaux: Yeah, it’s funny because the way mine and Marilyn’s process often works is that we realize that we do something (and of course I’ve read a ton of books and Marilyn has slept with a ton of books). And we bring in some information. And then we realize those might actually not be our processes. This morning we had this beautiful conversation about how we truly manifest and we realized it is so simple, that we don’t even realize that we’re doing it.

How Do You Manifest?

Joeaux: And now we’re wondering, how do YOU manifest (like when you really know that you manifested something that you wanted and you didn’t really even do anything to get it)?

Marilyn: How did it happen for YOU? Put that in the comments field down below on this screen. And let’s compare notes!

Joeaux: Yeah, and if you don’t know, that’s OK too. Tell us that you don’t know how you do it. We think that we know how we do it. And we also think that when we don’t do it, it’s because something is blocking us. And that’s really the issue.

Marilyn: Our ride is here! We gotta go. Love you. Namaste y’all.


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10 thoughts on “How To Manifest Whatever You Desire

  1. Marilyn Harper says:

    Hi Marzena, so sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. There are lots of uses for the Ankh. Remember your Soul really knows already how to use it. It magnifies your intention, just as you state to help transform your food, your health and your intentional destiny.

  2. Jeanmarie says:

    I manifest by recognizing I have a need
    It may be just a mere moment if recognition but its enough Then I forget about it
    Them Ill get a tug and an inspiration to go somewhere and do something and then whatevet the need was is there
    Ex I looked at my sons former bedroom a month ago
    Im redoing it now that hes moved on I noted two lamps would look well abd then forgot about it
    On Valentines Day ,On my way to hike the river path and do Tai Chi in the sunshine I pased by the Salvation Army got a tug and went in and there were two green white and gold ginger jar lamps for 6.99 each I laughed Thanked the Universe abd bought the lamps The bedroom I painted a soft willow sage green with a Chinese / Japanese vibe because my son gave me a poster of Madama Buttetfly when he was 11 ,”because the beautiful lady looks just like you Mom “and I am hanging that poster in the room
    Spirit is completely redicaratin g my home and it all shows up in these hatmonious ways with not a lot of effort on my part other than trusting that Spirit will provide
    Thats the challenge and its taken perseverance and going through fears But I am at a point where I accept that Spirit has my back
    Always and will provide what I need ( I ma y not always like the lessons but they are always beneficial) also I watch mynegativw thoughts and emotions alot of bracelet switching goes on!! Thank you all fir your guidance and encouragement It is a blessing to have you in my life
    Jeanmarie ( Salem MA group)

  3. Karin says:

    Hi the two of you lovely ladies,
    how was it without yoice, Marilyn?
    Sometimes it´s nice to try out a different way of expressing. For example when I had my voice but it was without use working together with deaf people. And as we are heading times of more telepathic communication – good exercise, isn´t it.
    Well, regarding manifesting what I desire: I learned very well from Adrionnda to stop saying: “I don´t know.” Ok, so far, so good. Like you mentioned, I too, read lots of books, did tons of clearings, tracking limited beliefs and what not. Still not working regarding financial freedom to DO whatever I feel like doing. Hmm, maybe I better rephrase even that – I don´t notice that it is working.

  4. Thea Wallace says:

    Several years ago when we were moving to go to graduate school, we needed to buy a house there because we had dogs and cats that I insisted were coming with us. So we found a place on an acre of land. Everybody said no bank was going to give you a loan when you don’t have a job. But just knew that our animal family would be there with us. “No if, and,or buts”! And low and behold we got the loan and everything worked out great!

  5. Terri Marinaro says:

    Asking in a way that isn’t needy. Money comes to me easily just because I’m me. Universe help me find a job that is perfect for me,time, money, and joy. If i need money, I seem to continually need money. If I need a job I seem to continually need a job. As soon as I sat back and relaxed a bonus came, a tax refund came, and a job came I actually was offered two perfect jobs. With that, the universe gave me confidence to move forward with such a wonderful gift of two perfect job offers and allowed me meld into my next step. I never even had to take a step or worry with which way to turn. It was glorious

  6. Marzena W JONES says:

    Hello Marilyn.
    It was a great joy to connect with you during the recent San Jose event. Thank you for sitting me next to you at lunch during the channeling class, and patiently answering my many questions. I’m truly grateful.
    Having purchased one of your ankhs, I’d like to learn more about the ways to use the power of it. Are there any resources/classes that you could point me to? Doing research on my own, I came across The “Power of the Ankh: How to Use the Ancient Symbol of Life to Transform Your Health, Wealth and Destiny” by Peter J Morris.
    I’d appreciate if you could point me to more trusted resources.
    In gratitude,

    Marzena Jones (the one afraid of wiggy board, and mean spirits)

  7. Frances says:

    Hi Marilyn and Joeaux, Thank you for all the time you put into helping all of us, thank you, thank you. I do not know how I do it. But what I do know is I need to put more meditation into somethings I want because the old adage kicks in on somethings. The adage I am talking about is “be careful what you wish for, you might get it”. Peace, light and love.

  8. Lauren Schroeder says:

    I find writing my intentions doesn’t work for me as well as visualizing them. I know when I want direction or to manifest something, I ask the angels and Great Spirit for guidance, and I go into allowance and surrender. I will also say, “Thy will, not my will.” Then I kind of sit back and notice how it unfolds.
    At some point I see the big picture and say, “Thank you so much. Wow, this has really happened.”
    Of course, I understand I have to do my part, and I put my self into the action steps I feel I need to do.”

  9. Cal-Ling says:

    I received your beautiful Simple email/video right after manifesting a place to stay for the next few days of my Nomadic Walkabout for a new place to live.
    Here is how I did it…….. I thought about it quickly, thought it would be Fun, then took action by sending an e-mail saying I was in the area…….. and Boom !……. received a reply and invitation to stay with my friend in 5 minutes ! This is going to be a growing experience !

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