How To Manifest Whatever You Desire

How To Manifest Whatever You Desire

How to Manifest Whatever You Desire

Marilyn: I have a voice! A little voice, but I still have a voice.

Joeaux: You do. And after a full weekend here in Houston, Texas…where we met AGAIN, the most amazing people with our friend, K8.

Marilyn: It’s so fascinating because what we’re teaching in our Plurkshops (play + work = plurk), is a method for manifestation. They are really spectacular. They are so much fun. People learn so much. And we’re restructuring that ‘how to manifest whatever you desire method’ because the way we manifest is much simpler than other people do.

The Simple Way to Manifest

Joeaux: Yeah, it’s funny because the way mine and Marilyn’s process often works is that we realize that we do something (and of course I’ve read a ton of books and Marilyn has slept with a ton of books). And we bring in some information. And then we realize those might actually not be our processes. This morning we had this beautiful conversation about how we truly manifest and we realized it is so simple, that we don’t even realize that we’re doing it.

How Do You Manifest?

Joeaux: And now we’re wondering, how do YOU manifest (like when you really know that you manifested something that you wanted and you didn’t really even do anything to get it)?

Marilyn: How did it happen for YOU? Put that in the comments field down below on this screen. And let’s compare notes!

Joeaux: Yeah, and if you don’t know, that’s OK too. Tell us that you don’t know how you do it. We think that we know how we do it. And we also think that when we don’t do it, it’s because something is blocking us. And that’s really the issue.

Marilyn: Our ride is here! We gotta go. Love you. Namaste y’all.