How to Overcome Unworthiness

how to overcome unworthiness

How to Overcome Unworthiness

Hey, it’s Joeaux. Recently I was reading the book called Becoming Michelle Obama. It really struck me, as I was reading about her childhood, that she constantly battled with unworthiness. Probably no different to you and I. This week’s video is about how to overcome unworthiness.

Is Unworthiness Holding You Back?

Adironnda says that whenever we come up against something, and we look at the fear, you can usually trace it back to you in someway feeling unworthy. I just think that it’s fascinating. That’s why this week’s message is about how to overcome unworthiness

And once you realize that it’s this unworthiness that in someway is holding you back from your purpose…and your purpose here on the planet is something only you can do. And the Universe is really looking to you to step into it. Look at the bottom line of that unworthiness.

In Your Head is a Zoo

There’s another book that I was reading, called Resilience. I think it’s by Dr. Richard Hanson, and it’s about neuroplasticity. He said that in your head is a zoo. Literally. Because there are three parts of your brain that you can think about like animals.

The biggest part of your brain is the lizard part, it’s the part that is basically in survival mode. It’s the more ancient part of your brain. And it’s actually the part of the brain as the New Human, that we are learning to expand from. Because we’re not really in a state of survival like we were when we had to run from dinosaurs, you know to save our lives.

The second part is the mouse. The mouse part is the part that needs to be appreciated. All human beings need to be appreciated. It’s just a basic need that we have.

And then the third part, as he calls it, is the monkey. It’s the part about relationship and community. Again, all human beings need to be with other human beings. I mean why do you think they use putting people alone in a single cell as punishment? It’s because as human beings, we need to be with other people.

You Can Overcome Unworthiness

And he said to make a point in your life to pet the lizard (in other words let yourself know that you’re safe), to reward the mouse (in other words look for ways that you are appreciated, there are signs out there all the time that we are appreciated) and to hug the monkey (because the monkey that part of community, and you want to make sure you’re around people).

When you think about it, the monkey is probably the most important part because if you’re in community, you can have a better sense of feeling safe, because you’re around a lot of people (hopefully like-minded people). Of course it’s important, who you choose to be around. And they’re probably people…hopefully you’re choosing to be around people…who appreciate you. And therefore, you’re hugging the monkey all of the time. So think about that.

Daily Tip to Overcome Unworthiness

Pet the lizard, feed the mouse and hug the monkey! Think about that on a daily basis, and make sure that’s what you’re getting into your life. You can overcome that feeling of unworthiness that could potentially be holding you back from what you’re here to do, your life purpose.

How do you overcoming feelings of unworthiness? Share in the comments below what works for you. We love to hear your feedback.

Namaste y’all, namaste.


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5 thoughts on “How to Overcome Unworthiness

  1. Marilyn Harper says:

    Hi Sandee, I will be happy to re-install the tuning fork. It might be subtle at first until you get used to it. Great job on the message from your sister. Many times in the ethers people look differently than they look in the physical. Not sure why that is but that has certainly been my experience. They can be recognized through their energy. Blessings, Marilyn

  2. Kay says:

    For most of my life, I’ve had to do it all myself…pet the lizard…reward the mouse…hug the monkey. Then for a little over a year I had a friend/teacher/mentor who was there for me. I didn’t feel like it was just me to fend for myself. But it just ended without warning.. I’m a grow woman. But I find myself feeling like an abandoned 5 year old again. I thought I was just learning to trust. I guess I was wrong.

  3. Sandee says:

    Joeaux and Marilyn
    Thank you for this simple and helpful teaching regarding unworthiness. I am applying it personally and with my stressful relationship with my cat. Synchronicity: Wednesday night Shanti caught two mice and got them indoors! One passed during the night, I live trapped the other, and released it. I guess we both need appreciation! 🙂 I have shared this technique with a friend and she loves the simplicity of it and will use it.
    QUESTION: for Marilyn. I attended the channeling plurkshop in Santa Fe (Sandee with the O2). I believe you activated a tuning fork to vibrate when the automatic writing message is intuition and not imagination. I seem to have missed that activation, as I don’t feel that. Can you do that activation again for me long distance per my request right now? Most of what I write is things I have heard from Kryon/ Adironnda- but I reread it in AM and apply to my new day and it feels appropriate. But last night, I asked a question on paper, about a face I saw earlier as I was falling asleep for a nap, and then I began the AW. Midway, my sister came through even though that is not at all how she looked. The things I wrote felt appropriate and I felt her presence for a moment. Still no tuning fork. I know, “trust myself”.

  4. Lauren Schroeder says:

    I have been in a women’s group that meets every month for an evening and a lunch, for 30 years. We are all very good friends and depend on each other in times of need and share our wins and joys. We know we would be lost without each other.
    I also have other groups and friends I spend time with frequently, and am in a Power of 8 group that meets weekly to create healing intentions for us and others.
    I feel very appreciated by others and I let them know I appreciate them.
    I am working consciously to overcome fears and allow the lizard to rest.
    I am working with the Holographic Healing lessons and enjoying the activations.
    Life is great!

  5. Barbara Light says:

    You are so right on. Years ago I was in a meditation group, assisting some members who wanted to become “the Medium”, by helping them to run Kundalini energy, in order to activate their higher chakras. I absolutely felt totally unworthy of this incredible honor. Until my guides said “the greater the sinner, the greater the saint”, which totally made the shift for me and I could say “oh, then I’m in”, which I was “it”, the medium.

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