How to Raise Your Vibration – 22 Ways

Turning a cartwheel raises your vibration

(When Nothing Else Seems to Be Working)

Raise your vibration and you align with the matching Universal energy

Consciously choosing to raise your vibration (and doing it!) tells the Universe twice that you are making a request: first, consciously (which is actually more for you) and second, (more importantly) energetically.

Energy flows...

Below are 22 Ways to Raise Your Vibration (and have fun, too!)

  1. Drink from Cobalt Blue Bottles with Intention – The blue glass filters the water and raises its vibration (+ more) and the intention, placed physically onto the bottle, changes the molecular structure of the water, bringing in that intention. (According to Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research).
  2. Repetitive Behaviors – Any repetitive motion will raise your vibration. Examples include: drumming, jumping rope, clapping, toe-tapping, and dance moves like “doing the twist.”
  3. Use a Rattle and Shake it All Around Your Body – This is your energy field and rattling it will smooth it by releasing negative ions, especially if you give the intention of creating joy.
  4. Get outside, enjoy nature – We are so connected with nature, just appreciating the beauty of the Planet will raise your vibration.
  5. Take a brisk walk – Heck! Take any walk! Just move your body.
  6. Do the “8 Count Shake-out” – You’ll actually do this at one of our events… we use this a lot and it gets the room UP and LAUGHING.
  7. Listen to uplifting music – This is so important! Be sure that what you choose to listen to makes you feel good. Karen Drucker has dozens of songs that are very uplifting, positive, and transformative.
  8. Meditate – Do this daily. We can’t say this enough! Make a habit of starting your day with 10 or 15 minutes of meditation (or more). If you need some encouragement and support, check out “Insight Timer” for Smart Phones. Or, choose one of our meditation recordings online.
  9. Practice Mindfulness – Easy, peasy! Just simply be mindful of everything around you: Take time to enjoy each bite of your food, feel the air that you are breathing, really listen to people who are speaking to you, put away your cell phone, try to be fully present in the moment.
  10. Be grateful – Write down 3 things you’re grateful for – before breakfast (even if it’s just the ability to breathe). Better yet, make a list! This alone will show you just how much you have to be grateful for…
  11. Practice Random Acts of Kindness – We like to pay the toll for the car behind us when we are passing through a toll booth. Doing something nice for someone else, and not taking credit for it, raises your vibration. AND it raises the vibration of the toll booth worker, plus the car behind you.
  12. Shake Your Booty – You can have a friend dance with you, but it’s not required. Just crank up the music and do that groove thing.
  13. Eat Healthy, Fresh, Green, Good, Yummy Food – What you eat has a HUGE effect on your energy which raises or lowers your vibration. Choosing good food (or at least food that you believe is good because the truth is it’s ALL energy) sends a signal to your body, too, that you appreciate you.
  14. Take a Luxurious Bubble Bath – Don’t have a bathtub? Get some wonderful, smelling salt scrub and use it on your body in the shower.
  15. Rub Lotion All Over Your Body – Be sure to have an attitude of gratitude for the service that your body gives you. It’s that appreciation thing again : )
  16. Do Something Creative – Draw, write, paint, write poetry, make a song, cook a meal (with no recipe). You get the idea! Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. It activates your 2nd chakra which increases your own vibration.
  17. Smile – Make a game of getting other people to smile or laugh throughout the day. That raises your vibration AND theirs! We love double whammys.
  18. Clean Out Something – A drawer, a closet, a room, the corner of the garage. Clearing out the “old”, clears your old energy, literally. Only keep things around you that bring you joy. So important for day to day.
  19. Call a Fun Friend and Go Do Something Entertaining (that you wouldn’t normally do) – You’ll have fun. They’ll have fun. Doing something new pushes you beyond your comfort zone. Afterward, you’ll feel empowered. And, so will they! (I think that’s a quadruple whammy.)
  20. Get Into the Flow – Find water somewhere (a lake, a creek, a river, an ocean, a swimming pool, or a bath tub) and sit in the water. Feel the stillness and watch it flow around you. This actually causes you to be in the moment, too (See #9)
  21. Write Down 5 Things Tou Can Celebrate – Better yet, do it before breakfast every single day. We like to do it in our head, before we get out of bed in the morning, and start our day that way.
  22. Laugh! Laugh at anything! – Seriously, be silly. Try this: just start laughing when you are in a group of people, watch how they start laughing too! That will definitely raise your vibration and everyone in the group. Why do you think Laughter Yoga exists? It’s contagious (and it’s a structured class). XOXO

BONUS: Tell someone you love them: Text them, call them, write them – doesn’t matter how… just do it!

Oh! By the way:

2016 Visionaries in Light Participants
Visionaries of the 2016 Convergence in Denver, Colorado.

There’s more to this…

Not only does it affect you when you raise your vibration, but it also affects everything around you. This is called your “merkabah”. This is the field of energy you create around you. This field reaches out and bumps into other fields that match yours, or your frequency. Some people call this synchronicity. Or luck.

But… You actually create it with your energy.

This is why Adironnda says, “Shift! And the world around you shifts!”

This IS manifestation.

Therefore, that’s how you can get anything you want by raising your vibration! You are already creating a “purchase order” to the Universe with every thought and feeling. So, you want to be sure you ask what you want.

Thoughts DO become things.

That’s why it is so important to be thinking what you want, and NOT about what you don’t want (the habit of humanity) because the Universe doesn’t know the difference. And, so important to surround yourself with like-minded! Hey! I have an idea… Join us for our next Convergence. You’ll find LOTS of people just-like-you there.

Walk-ins Welcome Conference 2013

Visionaries of the 2013 Convergence in Sedona, Colorado.

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