How to Stop Procrastinating

how to stop procrastinating

How to Stop Procrastinating

Hi, it’s Joeaux again. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret… I procrastinate. It’s true. I’ve had to take a look at that one. I’ve had to go and look in the mirror. And I’ve actually done a little bit of research to figure out what it is that’s all about. I find a lot of people procrastinate. And procrastination isn’t a disease.

It’s merely a symptom of either you don’t know how to do something (and therefore you need to learn how), you don’t want to do it (and therefore you need to find somebody who does, because there’s somebody for everything), or you’re afraid of something.

Fear Causes Procrastination

So, I wanna take a look at the fear because I think it’s the fear factor that holds most of us back and keeps us procrastinating on things that we really do want to do… but for some reason, we put them off.

Well, there’s a little technique that you can use where you relax. Anytime you find yourself procrastinating and you realize, “I am definitely procrastinating on this,” take a deep breath. It’s always the breath with us, right?

Take a deep breath and feel into your body. Think about the project, or think about what it is you are trying to accomplish, and feel in your body where you’re feeling the discomfort. Feel in your body where you are feeling the inability to move forward and then ask yourself, is it fear of the unknown?

Getting to the Root Cause

Well, what would it look like if you knew what it was? And imagine how that would feel. It would feel pretty good, right?

Is it fear of failure? Was there a time in your life that you did something similar and you failed and your mind is caught in this endless loop of saying, “This is gonna happen again?” Take a moment to feel what it would feel like to succeed. Feel what it would feel like to be a huge success at whatever you’re doing.

Or is it fear of being a fool? Making a fool out of yourself? Was there a time in your life when you did something similar and you felt like you made a fool out of yourself? You have that as an example of what not to do. I mean it’s so powerful. Instead, you can imagine what it would’ve felt like to have been highly successful at that point.

Is it fear of success? Is there some sort of pattern, or mind tape, that’s playing in your brain that is saying, “If I’m successful then something bad is going to happen. I’m gonna have to work all the time. People will want things from me.” Again, instead, feel like what it would feel like if you were successful in the way that you see success.

Fearing Your Magnificence

This is probably my favorite one… and this is probably the one that applies to almost all of us in almost all situations. And that is fear of magnificence.

If you were to move forward on whatever it is that you’re procrastinating in and it is magnificent and you are magnificent, what would that feel like?

I mean, what would it feel like if you were truly changing the world with whatever it is you’re doing? And then take a moment to thank those fears because those fears are what brought you to this point.

Those fears are what have stopped you, and started the procrastination, so that you could breathe into it. Think about what you learned. Take a deep breath and release it.

Admit When You’re Procrastinating

New things are way out of our comfort zone most of the time. And, the thing is that even though they’re exciting and scary, that’s the most amazing thing about being a human being, is that we constantly get to create new things.

So, remember the next time that you find yourself procrastinating, first of all, own it. Admit it, “Yes, I’m procrastinating. It’s not that I don’t have enough time, it’s not that I don’t have the skills, and it’s not that I don’t have the right haircut.” Whatever it is, right? You’re procrastinating it.

Drop into your heart, relax, feel the fear, assure yourself it’s not gonna happen again because you’re a smart person and you already learned that lesson.

And notice how the fear goes away. You know, Adironnda always says, “Get off the sofa.” Just take the next step forward. Any step in any direction is the right step… because the worst thing that will happen is you’ll get good feedback, right?

And then you just take that feedback and you continue to move forward.

Keep Moving Forward

I was talking to somebody the other day who is a billionaire. He’s made a lot of money in his lifetime. And he was telling me that when he first started, he approached 85 banks before he was given the funding for his project, and now it’s paid off, you know, in huge ways.

Had he taken the first turn-down or the second turn-down of the bank, or even the 84th turn-down of the bank, he wouldn’t be the success that he is today.

So, that’s how to stop procrastinating, is to drop into your heart, feel the lesson, assure yourself that you’ve learned that lesson and move forward.

Where’s my easy button…See? That was easy. See you later.

We love hearing your feedback and reading your comments! Do you have tips on how you stop yourself from procrastinating? Be sure to leave us your thoughts below.


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  2. Deborah says:

    Thanks Joeaux – I’ve been procrastinating for quite a while now and this was very helpful. Claiming my magnificence is of course what is going to get me through this, but seriously a great haircut helps too!
    Love to you, Marilyn, and Adironnda!

  3. Tracy says:

    Thank you! This was the perfect lesson that I needed to hear today… but of course you probably knew that! Love you! <3

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