I AM the Light

When you think of clearing out negative entities from your energy field or dark entities from your energy field, I’d like you to think about that in a little different way.

First of all, remember you are the light. Only energies from the light can withstand in your energy field.

You are the light. Just say that right now. I am the light.

You know, I joke about that a lot. You know, we go into a dark room and say, “Somebody turn on the light. Oh wait, I am the light.” But in actuality, that’s the truth. And when you’re focused on the light, when you’re focused on being who you are, it is much more difficult for any dark entity or dark energy to withstand in your energy field.

So focus on the highest vibration possible don’t get all caught up in the dark. I know sometimes people have experiences with dark energies so they can help teach it to others, help teach protection or help teach energy.

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But as Lee Carroll says, you know, he doesn’t clear out hotel rooms or anything anymore because he is the light and he knows that anything that is not of the light will dissipate as soon as he walks into that room. I like that vibration, I like to know that my vibration is high enough that it’s not possible for anything other than the light to be in my presence.

So think about that, I am the light. Where is my flashlight? Oh, wait, I am the light.

Can we get that light on any brighter up there? Oh wait, I am the light.

Is there a flashlight on my phone? Oh wait, I am the light.

Let me just focus my third eye in your energy, and we’ll see if that gets lighter? Did you get lighter? I love my job. Don’t you love your job? If not, let’s play together. See you later. Uh-oh I can’t figure out how to get it off. Oh wait, I have the light. I’ll focus on it and it will just go off. I am the light.

Namaste y’all,


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