You’ll never guess who I saw while walking to my car – – – Jesus!

Easter Sunday, and I’d gone to Kansas to visit my mom.

I was feeling a little distracted—okay, a lot distracted—because I had just received the most bumfuddling message from Adironnda and the Council. This was just days before I was to depart for Israel, for a series of sold-out appearances as I facilitate the Divine Link between the Council in its 17th Dimension “Heaven” and us humans here on Earth.

What had me so bumfuddled?

Well, I had just received word that our Double Digit Group Channeling session on May 5th was to feature a message from the Master Jesus. And that He would be speaking to us of our Infinite Potential, our “Genius Code,” as Adironnda put it.

Please understand: Adironnda and the Council do not typically notify me ahead of time as to who will speak or what they’ll say. But suddenly, here I was with the mother of all advance notices!

I questioned it. You know me, always questioning…

While helping my 92-year-old mother to the car, I was literally shaking my head in disbelief. Was this for real? Was I to bring forth a message from Jesus Christ to the subscribers of our Double Digit on the 5th of May?

Then I clearly heard:

“Your trip to my homeland is no accident. You will stand where I have stood.”


“Where you stand is holy ground. Because you’re standing there.”
~ Adironnda and Company (Tweetable)

Reflexively, I looked down at my feet as I walked. They were in sandals—not what I’d put on that morning! I saw with my eyes wide open, that my feet were in sandals, and I was wearing a roughly woven robe of dark tan or light brown, with a long, burgundy-and-green scarf of some sort. And I was not alone. Nor, I mean, was it only my mother beside me. There was someone else present. I could just see the edge of the sandaled foot closest to me, and the hem of an off-white robe, also roughly woven.

I stopped—literally stopped right there in my tracks—closed my eyes and dwelled deeply in the energy. It was Jesus! I truly believe it was Jesus walking beside me.

“Did you lose something?”

I opened my eyes. There was my mother, looking at me with wonder, the way moms sometimes do with their children.

I had to laugh. Had I lost something? Yes, perhaps I had: just me and my connection to my own infinite potential that the Master Jesus has been telling me about! But any loss was only temporary.

By now I have been to His homeland. I have stood where He stood, walked where He walked, prayed where He prayed. And I know what I am to do.

This Monday, 5/5/2014, the message for the Double Digit will be Activitating Your Infinite Potential, and the Master Jesus will be presenting.

Who knows what will happen!


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3 thoughts on “You’ll never guess who I saw while walking to my car – – – Jesus!

  1. Barbara Clayton says:

    Wow awesome!! He is back! Or maybe Yeshua never left. Yah!!! I am just so darn happy that Jesus & God are Love & only love. I agreed to only work with beings of the light. I thank God that he is not the judging condemning father. I was taught. That’s a big one to Celebrate everyday!!!

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