I’m in a Spiritual Funk…

Compassion vs. Reaction

Hello. It’s Joeaux, and I got to tell you. I’m in a little bit of a spiritual funk. So I’m just sitting here building cairns. Trying to find some balance in my life in the moment, and actually I just came out of meditating here in one of my favorite meditation spots.

You see there’s this person that I have to deal with. She happens to have a monopoly on what I need to have happen, and when I get really attached to the situation I am not getting the outcome that I want, and it’s very frustrating. And I asked Marilyn, I said, “How do I how do I do this in an enlightened way?” and she told me, “Come from a place of compassion.”

So I did, I went into meditation, and I could see how fearful this person was, is, and I could see that the way I was being treated was strictly her perception of past incidents that really had nothing to do with me. I felt sorry for her, you know, my heart went out to her ’cause I could remember times when I had felt unworthy, and I felt exactly the same way that I think she is going through.

Loving Compassion

I realized that the Course in Miracles talks about how there is only love. There are only loving thoughts. Anything else is a call for healing, and it shifted the whole situation for me. Now I’m thinking about how I can respond in such a way that her perception is never fearful again.

The things that I thought were outrageous, the things that I thought were I was literally being gouged for aren’t even important. I can see that this is truly a situation of being a human being, of being compassionate and responding in a way with so much love that hopefully she never has to have this feeling of fear ever again. Yeah, I like that.

Has that happened for you? Wouldn’t it be great if we could all just stop when we feel this need to react? Take a deep breath and just see the other person in compassion? Yeah, I like that. Namaste.


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10 thoughts on “I’m in a Spiritual Funk…

  1. Louise Pollock says:

    Thankyou Joeaux for shaing this at such an apt time! I have a family member lashing out at me this week and I need to dig really deep to respond with compassion. I will also meditate on this x Loux

  2. Joeaux Robey says:

    Totally agree. I’ve found the same solitude in the simple yet deep messages of A Course in Miracles. And as the course says, “there are many courses… which is why it is not called THE Course in Miracles.”

    May all beings find their course.


  3. Joeaux Robey says:

    Yes, Tracy, I agree. I think there should be a part II to this message. The one that I learned was that this is a “worthiness issue” for this other person. And… that no matter what I DO, I cannot solve for her the “worthiness issue” that she is projecting. I can only control my experience of the situation. For that, I choose compassion. And, sometimes you have to be compassionate from a distance and love someone where they are. Thanks, Tracy!

  4. Solange says:

    Thank you for sharing and thus reminding us : not to take anything personal and also to shift to compassion instead of judgement. When I do react, this is not who I really am. I am Peace, I am Love…..I am God…..and so is the other person who triggered my “reactivity”…just because I forgot !
    Take a deep breath. Slow down and relax!
    Thank you again!
    S olange

  5. Salome says:

    Why Joyeaux, thanks for sharing. I discovered a book and process called Gene Keys by Richard Rudd and had a chart created and read by Peter Tongue (info can be found online and youtube). May be worth at least checking into. It’s based on what we came into life to learn and achieve imprinted at the moment of where the sun is at the time of birth, what we were gifted with to work with the challenges/siddhis presented and what pearls of wisdom can be achieved by mastering the challenge. Has relieved a lot of pressure in coming to know what the purpose/suffering in my life has been about that was not understood before, and what can be achieved…it was right on and made so much sense. Can now identify the wisdom behind each of the gene keys applicable to my life’s journey without having to read a whole book. Doesn’t quite stop the funk, but besides meditation can assist in identifying the source of the feelings that may still need attention by clarifying the lesson involved, and then use a process to transmute and release. When not able to fully identify and release, this book has helped by providing more clarity to each situation. Lots of love!!!

  6. Tracy Marcelli says:

    Ah…. compassion, love, & kindness. I know these and have operated from this space for quite awhile. However, I am now shifting my energy and am drawing some boundaries. You see, we can constantly operate from that loving space, but if we continue to receive back anger & resentment then perhaps it is time to love on a soul level, not face to face. Love – freely. But hold your own space. You are worthy and deserve it. I am learning to keep my heart open, but now have a decerning tollbooth taker keeping watch. Together we make our choices. Now there is so much more confidence & security in my decision making. Less reaction & more response.

  7. Kat Lorimor says:

    Thanks 2 Both of You 4 Opening Your Hearts, and Making it Easier 4 Me 2 Open Mine. Love K

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