I’m in a Spiritual Funk…

Compassion vs. Reaction

Hello. It’s Joeaux, and I got to tell you. I’m in a little bit of a spiritual funk. So I’m just sitting here building cairns. Trying to find some balance in my life in the moment, and actually I just came out of meditating here in one of my favorite meditation spots.

You see there’s this person that I have to deal with. She happens to have a monopoly on what I need to have happen, and when I get really attached to the situation I am not getting the outcome that I want, and it’s very frustrating. And I asked Marilyn, I said, “How do I how do I do this in an enlightened way?” and she told me, “Come from a place of compassion.”

So I did, I went into meditation, and I could see how fearful this person was, is, and I could see that the way I was being treated was strictly her perception of past incidents that really had nothing to do with me. I felt sorry for her, you know, my heart went out to her ’cause I could remember times when I had felt unworthy, and I felt exactly the same way that I think she is going through.

Loving Compassion

I realized that the Course in Miracles talks about how there is only love. There are only loving thoughts. Anything else is a call for healing, and it shifted the whole situation for me. Now I’m thinking about how I can respond in such a way that her perception is never fearful again.

The things that I thought were outrageous, the things that I thought were I was literally being gouged for aren’t even important. I can see that this is truly a situation of being a human being, of being compassionate and responding in a way with so much love that hopefully she never has to have this feeling of fear ever again. Yeah, I like that.

Has that happened for you? Wouldn’t it be great if we could all just stop when we feel this need to react? Take a deep breath and just see the other person in compassion? Yeah, I like that. Namaste.