I’m Only Human

I'm Only Human

Be Infinite Beings of Light

Hello. I am so happy to be here with you. I want to share something that I heard the other day. We were talking, and somebody said, “Well, I’m only human. What do you expect?” And I thought, “What a weird phrase.”

I mean, it’s weird in my world because we’ve got humans, and we’ve got non-humans, and we’ve got 17th-dimensional beings and all kinds of things. But I thought more about that phrase, “I’m only human.” Then I thought humans are at the top of the food chain on this planet.

Humans have more intelligence than any other species on this planet, so the phrase “I’m only human” is kind of a misnomer. It then reminded me of our Double Digit State of the Universe Message on 11/11 with Karen Drucker. If you haven’t watched it, you really need to watch it because it is spectacular.

Karen used a phrase then where she was talking about arguing for her limitations. That’s kind of the same thing as, “I’m only human,” arguing for your limitations. Well, you can’t do this because, “Oh, I don’t have enough time or I don’t have this, or I need a website before I start, or I need to get a business card or a logo before I begin.” You argue for those things you think limit you, just like you argue when you say, “I’m only human.”

Utilizing Our Innate

Well, first of all, you’re a lot more than just human. Because being human, being the species that you are with all of the galaxies watching us, with beings that are communicating with us, with our own innate, which is the source of all that is moving through us – how can we say the phrase, “I am only human”?

You would be arguing for your limitations, and I want you just to stop that.

I know I’m talking to myself too here because sometimes I argue for my limitations. I know, you probably think, “Oh, but Marilyn, you don’t have any limitations.”

You’re right.

Wait a second.

You’re right.

That’s what happens when we don’t argue for our limitations – when we don’t justify “the less than” feelings that we believe that we are. We as humans wield a mighty slate, a wing of inspiration on this planet and beyond this planet simply by utilizing our innate, our source, our connection. We can argue for our infiniteness.

Supporting Messages

Can we do that? We don’t even have to argue for our infiniteness. We can just be that infinite being of light that we truly are instead of being only human. Let’s think of phrases that would support that infinite message, that infinite being, that infinite intelligence, that infinite frequency, that we all are.

Notice that we all are instead of thinking of ourselves as only anything. How cool will that be? How does it get any better than that? You know the next sentence, right? How does it get any better than that? Let’s find out.

Namaste, y’all. Namaste.

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