Immune System Activation

Immune system activation

You Are Not Alone

Remember that you are abundantly loved. And you’re being Divinely guided and protected by Spirit, your Higher Self and your Guidance Team. We are deeply committed to supporting you as well. It’s vital now more than ever to remain connected to your truth and your power.

As Light-plurkers and Way-showers, it’s important to take responsibility for our thoughts, energy and heightened emotions during this period. It’s time to shine! Adironnda says, “Intention is everything.” Together we can raise the vibration and make a massive difference in our lives, our commUNITY and the world. Join us in sending love out to the planet at 11:11 AM CDT on Facebook.

Boost Your Immune System

In the meantime, here is a musical activation for you to listen to and download. This 5-minute audio recording was specially composed by our master musician, Randy Luna. It was created to enhance your body’s immunity to any virus or dis-ease.

Download or Listen to the “Cellular Fortitude” Activation Now to boost your immune system:



Cellular Fortitude Activation

Listen and connect with your heart. Feel the music wash over your entire body. Breathe in the eternal peace and power-full light that you are. Inhale light from the Earth and the sun. And exhale any energy that needs to be released… anything you no longer want to feel.

Recognize your power as you acknowledge the Divinity within you. “Do not fear. Allow there to be only love. Breathe into that love.” ~Adironnda


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