How to Stay in the Flow with Marilyn Harper

Being in the flow

Have you ever felt that however hard you push yourself, you can’t get important things done? It is because you’re not ‘in the flow.’

In Psychology, to be ‘in the flow’ is defined as: the state of being, of a person, where he/she performs important tasks with great focus and enjoyment.

In this week’s message, Marilyn Harper shares how to get in the flow and stay there. Watch Marilyn’s video below for the juicy details.

How to Get in the Flow

We’re going to talk about flow, flowing through the universe. We have a guided meditation that’s called Flow. It anchors that energy into your body. You see, when you are pushing forward from that energy, there is no flow!

So feel, and ask your guidance system… I know Adironnda, and actually my whole guidance system, notifies me when I’m pushing the energy. So ask your guidance system to notify you when you are pushing the energy, to interrupt you, let a bell ring, let a door close, something to interrupt your energy so you can ask yourself, “am I really in flow or am I in push?”

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Being in the Flow, You Perform Things Easily and Effortlessly

You see, being in “push” shoves that energy. Being in” flow” is like getting in a boat and flowing downstream. It flows easily and effortlessly, and easily and effortlessly, or seemingly effortlessly. But sometimes, there’s a lot of details that get to be taken care of while you are in the flow, and you know you are in the flow when those details come through step by step, by step, by step, by step, by step, by step, by step, by step.

Stay in the flow, and I’ll flow with you. Woo-hoo!

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