Intuition Support Kits

I would like to share a little information about our Legendary Intuition Support Kit. It is a kit that we have carried for a few years and was developed by plant communicator, Peter May. He “heard” the formulas from the Pinion Pine tree. That is the tree that the Pineal gland is named after.

To use the Legendary Intuition Support kit, you simply drop three drops from the Precursor drops, and the Crown Jewel Star drops onto the crown of your head, actually on the fontanelle part of the skull, then you sniff each bottle. After that, you rub some of the Intuition Star Nectar onto the throat, third eye and the back of the throat.

I use it in the morning and that activates my intuition for the rest of the day. When I use it my intuition shows up in surprising ways.

For example, before I left the house I was guided to pick up a little pad of paper and put it in my purse. At first I questioned it, but I picked it up anyway. Well I didn’t need the paper, but while at the store, someone in back of me in line needed to write something down, they didn’t have paper, and viola, I did.

Little things like that happen. Many are guided to use it for 21 consecutive days, but you get to “intuit” what works best for you.

The formulas for each part are a little different, the Precursor Star Drops are made from essential oils, cinnamon, glove and more. The Crown Jewel Star Drops are from other essential oils, sandalwood and oil from the Pinion Pine. The Intuition Star Nectar is also from essential oils plus, gold, Frankincense, myrrh, and oil from the Pinion Pine.

All ingredients are wildcrafted or organic whenever possible.

It is truly nutrition for the pineal gland and the 3rd eye.



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